The Boys TV Series Spoiler, Cast Details, Trailer & Release Date

“I love superhero TV shows.” Well, who doesn’t! In fact, I have grown up watching all these superhero tv shows, & reading comics. So, how it is possible for me to dislike them. What I love the most about the superheroes shows is that it gives us an option to cheer for our favourite hero.

Now imagine ” What will happen if a superhero goes rogue?” Well, as far as my imagination goes, the world will be full of chaos. Who will save the inhabitants when even the superheroes are corrupt. Well, if you want to see all these mishappenings with your own eyes then I suggest you binge-watch the upcoming Amazon Original Series “The Boys” on its release date of July 26. Now, as far as this post is concerned, I will provide the storyline, complete cast details, release date & Trailer of the Boys tv series.

Storyline of The Boys TV series?

The entire story of The Boys revolves around a place where instead of saving citizens, all the powerful superheroes have become selfish, reckless & hedonistic. So, to make these superheroes pay for their deeds, an angry & Ultra-Violent Englishman with the name of Billy Butcher has formed a group. This group of ex-military personnel with black ops experience are none other than The Boys.

Complete Cast Details of The Boys

Last year, at the New York Comic Con the maker of the Boys, surprised everyone by introducing a new cast member in the already star-studded cast. Well, it was none other than Simon Peg. Yeah! You read it right, Benji from the mission impossible movie series. In the Amazon Original Tv show, Pegg will play the role of Hughie’s father. The main reason behind his joining was that the comic version of Hughie is inspired by Simon Pegg.

At the New York Comic-Con panel of The Boys, Peg said that “Around the time Shaun of the Dead came out, I heard from Darick and I found out that my face was being used in this comic book, and I was extremely flattered and thrilled.”

He went on to say,” It was always going to become something visual because it’s such an amazing story, and it really lends itself to an adaptation. And so I’m so happy that when this happened and then I got a call about maybe being in the show and we discussed how it just seemed so perfect to be Jack’s father.”

Moreover, before the announcement of Pegg’s arrival, his star trek mate, Karl Urban had already joined the show. In the show, he will play the lead role of Billy Butcher & will create a ruthless group of the Boys. Billy’s main goal is to change the world where everyone is filled with corruption. In fact, heroes with costumes can never be trusted.

Apart from Pegg & Urban, there are several other promising actors who have joined the show. The list includes

Actor                                             Character Name

Jennifer Esposito                        Susan Rayner

Jack Quaid                                  Hughie

Erin Moriarty                              Starlight.

Antony Starr                    —           Homelander, the leader of “The Seven.”

Dominique McElligott                Queen Maeve.

Chace Crawford                         The Deep.

Jessie T. Usher                           A-Train.

Nathan Mitchell              —           Black Noir.

When the Boys will release on Amazon?

Well, Amazon has officially announced that The Boys will premier for the first time on Amazon Prime. The first two episodes will air on July 26, 2019. In addition to this, Amazon has already launched some of its trailer & teaser. If you want to watch the trailer & teasers than you can watch it from below.

Final Words

That’s it for now. I’m curious to know how the showrunners will represent superheroes as corrupt individuals. I’m all set to binge-watch the entire series starting July 26. Comment down to let me know how much excited you’re for the upcoming show. t


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