Fortnite Singularity helmet map locations and Fortbyte Dance Club REVEALED

FORTNITE fans can finally unlock the aspect of Singularity, as the Fortbyte challenge of season 9 comes to an end.

After a full Fortbyte collection season, Fortnite fans can finally unlock the Singularity skin.

The Fortbytes are a series of 100 collectible computer chips that are available as part of the battle pass of season 9. Collecting Fortbytes will help players unlock new skin variants, not to mention the recently filtered Singularity suit.

18 Fortbytes were available when season 9 began

And more have been added daily. If you have been collecting all the Fortbytes from season 9 so far, finding the last Fortbyte should give you the number needed to unlock the Singularity skin.

The 90 Fortbyte can be found by doing the Laid Back Shuffle in one of the game’s dance clubs.

Express Online has marked the position of the dance clubs with disco balls. Once you’ve completed the challenge and unlocked Singularity, you’ll also be able to discover new helmets.

Helmets can be found scattered throughout the island

Fortnite Singularity helmet map locations

Marked as ‘X’ on the map, helmets can be found scattered throughout the island.

One can be found in Neo Tilted, another is in the northern part of Polar Peak, a third is in the Pressure Plant and one can be found in Loot Lake.You can get the fifth helmet by visiting the area northwest of Salty Springs and the southwest of Dusty Divot.

‘Fortnite’ Singularity Rex Style Helmet Location:

Found North West Of Salty Springs.

Finally, we have reached 90 Fortbytes in season 9 of Fortnite, the culmination of an epic journey across the map that collects puzzle pieces to form a great image. There are still 10 more, but all you need is 90 to unlock the legendary aspect of Singularity. And once you do it? You will be looking for five secret unlockable styles.

One of those styles is the Rex palate with helmet and skin, and to find it, you must locate the helmet itself. Unlike other challenges, these do not appear anywhere in the game, so you should know where to find them. Fortunately, the detectives have deduced the location of all these in advance thanks to some tricks with the mode of reproduction, so we already know where they are.

The Rex hull is just northwest of Salt Springs, in the middle of nowhere. It is just southwest of the floating platform in that area.

Level 95 in the Battle Pass to unlocks the emote

Another thing worth noting is that you must have reached level 95 in the Battle Pass to unlock the emote Laid Back Shuffle.

Despite the final set of the challenges of season 9 that will be released later this week, fans should have a few more weeks to level up in the Battle Pass and unlock Disorder.

Final Words

In fact, the countdown of season 9 says that the current battle pass will last 75 days.So, the last full day of the Fortnite 9 season looks set to take place on July 23. If Fortnite season 10 follows previous release programs, then wait for season 10 to start on July 24.

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