Futuristic Electric Cars: 5 Most Captivating Car Models

Every year, all over the world, electric cars are beginning to be in great demand, since the population of the planet is beginning to take a more conscious approach to environmental protection issues. In this regard, everyone is slowly starting to move from cars with an internal combustion engines to electric cars that do not cause any harm to the environment.

That is why the famous car manufacturers are trying to match the spirit of the times. The transition to such cars is not moving too quickly due to their high price, but many countries are trying to motivate people to buy them and offer subsidies for the purchase, exemption from paying transport taxes, and much more. The most amazing thing is that in car rentals, everyone can rent an electric car at a reasonable price. At evolve.ae you can choose an electric car for rent from a huge range of electric car models of various car brands. What’s more, the car rental company’s specialists offer a first-class level of service.

In this article, we will talk about 5 models of electric cars that look luxurious and futuristic. Some of them are already on sale, while others are still under development.

5 Car Models of the Future 

1. Porsche Taycan

Source: unsplash.com

This is the first model of this automaker, which is completely environmentally friendly. The automaker has been developing this model for 10 years and now everyone can enjoy a first-class all-electric car that you can buy today.

The biggest advantage of the model is that in less than 10 minutes it can be charged and this charge is enough to cover about 100 kilometers. Inside the car, we can note the presence of 4 displays that improve both the driving and passenger experience. If earlier in all cars there were mainly mechanical buttons, now they have given way to digital ones, which is a huge advantage. While in the cabin, you will practically not hear any sounds, since it moves as quietly as possible and you can hear some sounds only from the outside when moving.

2. Rolls-Royce 103 EX

Source: unsplash.com

Rolls Royce has always created luxury cars that are distinguished by their grandeur and grace. The company is not going to stop doing this, even creating its electric car, which was introduced 6 years ago. The most amazing thing is that buyers will be able to get exclusive cars as they can act as an architect and order a vehicle that will be perfect for them.

You will be able to think through everything to the smallest detail to get something that you will be delighted with. You will be able to take care of the interior design as well as the shape, size, and silhouette of your vehicle. With all this, the car will be made of particularly lightweight and durable materials.

Inside, it will be possible to get into the world of the future, since the interior will look like a kind of futuristic capsule. In addition, for even greater comfort for the driver and passengers, the car will have artificial intelligence that will further improve your experience.

3. Volvo XC40 Recharge P8

Source: unsplash.com

This model was the first electric one from the Volvo manufacturer, which can already be bought. It belongs to the premium class and is all-wheel drive. Compared to Porsche, the charging process takes longer, but you can fully charge the car in about an hour.

All Volvo cars are famous for their reliability and safety, which have earned the trust of many owners around the world. This model is no exception. Since it does not have a classic engine, the specialists had to redesign the front of the car. The battery is now placed in the middle of the car and it is placed in the protection zone.

The novelty of this model, unlike all the previous ones, is that a completely new infotainment system based on the Android operating system has appeared here. In addition, it is equipped with an ADAS system that assists the driver on the road.

4. Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR

Source: unsplash.com

Many will say that this is exactly what a futuristic car should look like, which is conceptually different from anything we have seen before. First of all, an incredibly attractive exterior design catches the eye, which causes great admiration and suggests that the future in the automotive industry has already begun.

Here, luxury and sustainability are intertwined with particular elegance, as well as communication with the driver. It was James Cameron, with his sci-fi feature film Avatar, who inspired the specialists to create such a car and this can be seen both in the external design and in everything that is inside. Unlike other electric cars, here you will see a brand new powerful and high-voltage battery. In less than 20 minutes, you can fully charge the battery, and go on a trip, not worrying about recharging for more than 600 kilometers.

In addition, it is amazing that the car will be able to move not only back and forth, but also sideways. This car will change not only the electric car industry but the entire automotive industry as a whole.

5. BMW Concept i4

Source: unsplash.com

BMW has unveiled a new concept car of the future that has 4 doors and 3 modes of operation. By changing the modes, everyone will be able to notice how the internal environment will change. You will see changes to the backlight, as well as the design of some of the details visible on the car screen.

For the convenience of each driver, the display is turned towards the driver and integrates all the necessary instruments, as well as the infotainment system. The number of mechanical buttons is minimal and, for the most part, the driver will be able to control everything using the touchpad.

In addition, by choosing one or another driving mode, you can feel and hear how the sound of this car model changes. By selecting the Sport mode, you will hear the most intense sound. Also, innovations relate to the fact that with the release of this car, people will see changes regarding the appearance of the company logo.


Many car manufacturers have already introduced their electric car models, which minimize polluting emissions to the environment. Some automakers are presenting incredible concepts that amaze the imagination with how much closer they bring to the future.

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