How to Get Your Sugar Daddy to Give You Just About Anything You Want

If you’re like most sugar babies, you know you’ve hit the sweet spot in your relationship when you feel like you can ask your partner for pretty much anything you want and be reasonably sure of getting it. That’s what great sugar relationships are all about – a sugar daddy and sugar baby who spoil each other rotten and love every second of it: especially those found on SugarDaddyForMe.

But it can take time to go from a brand new relationship where you and your partner are just getting to know each other and one where you’ve successfully mastered the art of consistently getting your needs met. Here’s a crash course on how to get your sugar daddy to give you anything you want.

Take the time to choose the right words


Getting what you want from a partner or anyone else is about more than simply getting comfortable asking in the first place. The words you choose when framing an ask are vitally important and can drastically affect your chances of hearing a yes. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when deciding how to ask for something.

  • Avoid leading up to your request with complaints, even if you genuinely do have them and they’re valid. It puts people on the defensive right away.
  • Don’t make demands, either, especially when requesting something from your sugar daddy. He’s not your servant and won’t put up with being treated like one.
  • Don’t attempt to disguise your request by turning it into a question. For example, if what you want is for your sugar daddy to gift you jewelry more often, don’t do so by asking him why he never does in the hopes that he’ll take the hint.

Generally speaking, you’re a lot less likely to get what you want from people when you use negative language or imply it’s the other person’s responsibility somehow to give you what you want. Instead, always lead with positives.

Acknowledge everything your sugar daddy already does for you and stress how wonderful the things he does make you feel. It’s crucial to help others associate the choice to do something for you and go along with requests with feeling acknowledged, loved, and appreciated.

Pay attention to your body language and tone


Have you ever known a person who says all the right things but somehow still manages to give you the feeling that they mean the exact opposite? If so, then you know how important factors like non-verbal cues, tone, and so forth are when communicating with another person. This is even more the case when you’re hoping to convince them to do something for you.

  • Use a soft, gentle tone when framing a request you plan on making of your sugar daddy or any other person.
  • Make eye contact and use it to convey positive feelings like love, gratitude, and affection.
  • Accentuate the gentleness of your tone and your choice of words with loving, affectionate gestures or physical touch.
  • Avoid sarcasm or fun-poking when asking your sugar daddy for something specific. There’s definitely a time and a place for those things, but it’s not when you’re making a request you’re hoping to get a yes to.

Again, success is all about keeping things positive and ensuring the entire process of being asked for something is positive for the other person from start to finish. Make them feel good about the idea of doing things for you.

Inspire generosity by being generous


Although there are definitely sugar daddies out there who are attracted to borderline bratty behavior in certain sugar babies, that’s really not the norm. Contrary to what some believe, generosity and spoiling in sugar relationships don’t only flow one way – from the sugar daddy to the sugar baby. Successful relationships involve two people who spoil each other and take pride in meeting one another’s needs.

In other words, sugar babies who always seem to get what they want from their sugar daddies and everyone else don’t act demanding, bossy, bratty, or spoiled. They’re sweet, kind, giving, and generous forces in the lives of everyone they know – especially when it comes to their sugar daddies. They’re the kind of people others want to help, please, and make happy.

This is because these traits usually result in individuals being more likely to reciprocate acts of kindness, which can make the other person feel good. Furthermore, acts of generosity and sweetness often create a lasting positive impression on others, which can attract more people to them. Ultimately, these acts can result in a snowball effect of happiness, as more and more people are drawn to the individual because they make them feel good. Because of this, asking your sugar daddy for something you really want isn’t out of line or unladylike – it’s a request that he’ll want to go out of his way to fulfill for you.

Practice makes perfect


Like most women, many sugar babies are working to overcome years of conditioning as to how a woman “should” behave, especially when dealing with men. Such conditioning dictates that women be meek and accommodating, as well as that they ask nothing of anyone – especially not their male partners.

Learning how to ask for things can be difficult, especially if you’ve been socialized to believe that it’s not ladylike or polite to do so. However, it is important to remember that you have a right to ask for what you want, and that doing so does not make you rude or ungrateful. If anything, it shows that you are confident and know your own worth. So next time you’re tempted to just go along with someone else’s plans or accept something less than what you deserve, stop and rethink your decision – maybe it’s time to start asking for what you really want.

So even a sugar baby who knows she deserves to be loved, spoiled, and cared for may need a while before asking for what she wants with confidence becomes second nature. But that’s nothing a little (or a lot) of practice can’t fix. Try it and see.

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