Got a Technical Interview Tomorrow? Read on!

Those who aspire to be a part of tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and more know that the interview they have to go for is not like an ordinary interview. Talking about tech interviews, these are pretty different. A technical interview is moreover like a demo of your skills.

When you go for a technical interview, you have to be prepared to face any sort of question that may come your way. Whether you have to answer it verbally or showcase your skill, you have to be ready for anything and everything.

Now, do you have a technical interview tomorrow or anytime soon? You don’t need to worry as you are at the right place. We will help you get ready for a technical interview with some tips that you should always remember.

The technical interview may take place online, in-person or over the phone. No matter what the medium is you need to prepare in the same manner for all of them. Your interview may be as long as an hour or may also take up an entire day. The time on the interview pretty much depends on the interviewer and job profile.

So, let’s have a look on what our experts have to say about a technical interview.

Be Thorough With All Types Of Question


As your technical interview is approaching, you must be well aware of the types of questions that are asked in the interview. Your preparation should be such that you leave no room for any mistakes. For this very reason there are many who opt for sources like Kickstart Interview for preparation.

Coming back to the types of questions, there are four categories. The questions you will face will be behavioural, situational and educational. You will also be asked to showcase your technical knowledge and what experience you have in the field.

The behavioural questions are something that are asked in every interview. What you need to be well prepared for are the situational questions and the demo of your skills. In the situational questions, you must be able to solve a problem in different ways. Also, you need to develop a skill to solve any problem under pressure.

For the educational questions you just need to tell what qualifications do you hold to apply for that job and how well suited is the profile to you. You should include any special qualification you have that will aid your job. When you are well qualified for that particular job profile, you are already a step ahead.

Ensure That You Are Comfortable With Coding Language


When you are in the tech industry, coding language is the basics of everything that you need to know well. Your interviewer will most probably ask you about how many coding languages are you certain with or which one you know well.

At this time it is essential that you mention those coding languages which you are thorough with and say that you know them all but this is the one I’ve a good experience with. After this you can share your knowledge about that coding language.

Keep Your Reasoning On Point


Any interview question that you may come across requires a good reasoning. In any interview, no matter if its technical or not, your reasoning skills should be spot on. Not all questions require a lot of explanation but when you are ready with one, you won’t ever stumble when you are cross-questioned.

When you are able to reason your answer in a brilliant manner, it shows your understanding of that topic. In an interview, they always want to know how much you understand rather than how much you know. So, be thorough with your explanations so that you are confident while answering the questions.

Never Just Say “I Don’t Know” To Anything

We are not saying that you should know each and everything, but you should always be eager to figure things out. If you are asked something and you are not aware of it, don’t directly say that you don’t know. Rather your response should be that you will love to find out about it or this is a way you will figure it out.

This is an important thing because it defines how keen you are towards your job. When you show that you are looking to learn new things, it reflects your determination and dedication. It is not wrong to say that you don’t know about something but don’t leave it there. Always elaborate about how you are planning to find out and learn about it.

When you do this, your interviewer gets an assurance that you will be able to figure a way out if you face such a situation during your job. As you are in a technical field there are many problems that may arise and you will have to figure things out.

It Is Okay To Ask Questions


Often in an interview at instances when you are asked a question and you are unable to understand what exactly they are trying to ask, you end up not clarifying your doubts. If you have any confusion about the question there are chances that you may end up answering something that they are not looking for.

So, to avoid any such situation it is extremely important to clarify your doubts. Clarifying your doubts does not make you any less capable. Rather than giving uncertain answers it is always best to ask questions. On the other hand, asking questions also indicates that you don’t shoot arrows in the air and work with understanding. So don’t be afraid and go ahead!


We have shared with you some tips about how to get ready for a technical interview. Prepare yourself thoroughly and be yourself. We hope that these tips were useful for you. If you have any suggestions, feel free to shoot in the comment section. Wish you all the best for your interview!

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