How Narayanam Nageswara Rao is Reshaping Ncs Sugars for Better Tomorrow

Contribution of the directors of ncs to its success

It is irrefutable about the all-round and major contribution of Sri Nageswara Rao to the success of NCS Sugars Ltd. The visionary that he is, Sri Narayanam Nageswara Rao had always dreamt of taking the sugar plant to heights that would be the envy of others. Having led the sugar industry in various capacities viz. President of sisma, executive member of isma, special invitee to many an international seminars, Sri NNR even turned down the offer of the president’s post of isma due to various pressing commitments. The success of NCS sugars ltd solely and completely should be credited to him. His ideas are always with the time and on some occasions, ahead of time. The role of other directors was always limited and minimal however their role too should be appreciated.

How the volumes of ncs increased during past 10 years

The volumes of NCS have not exactly increased during the past 10 years due to very depressing prices of sugar (both global and national) due to massive glut that the sugar industry witnessed during the period 2012 to 2017. Since sugar cane plant is a water guzzler and since most of the areas in and around NCS sugars are rain fed, the growth of sugarcane had got stunted and decreased due to added drought conditions however, NCS sugars had imported about 5 lakh metric tons of raw sugar during 2010-2013 for process and export, which was the icing on the cake.

Modern techniques used

NCS has all along been trying to innovate and inculcate and move ahead along with the changing technologies in production of sugarcane and sugar.

  • Starting with seed selection, finding the right type of seed for the right land, “Sri Saagu” , another novel seed where the quantum of seed required for an acre of land is cut down to just one metric ton of seed instead of the mandatory four metric tons of seed.
  • Tilling the land using the mulch of the sugarcane which provides natural manure.
  • Putting into use and practice of the now famous “Zbnf” “Zero Budget Natural Farming”.
  • For the above, NCS had invited the well noted and internationally reputed agronomist Padmasri Subhash Palekar, who had spent 3 days in NCS Bobbili factory which conducted a “Workshop” for all the farmers and villagers in the districts of Vizianagaram, Srikakulam, Vizag etc. More than 5,000 farmers took active part & participated in the debates & discussions and presentations of important papers enlisting the advantages of usage of modern technology in sugarcane production.

How NCS is empowering the sugarcane farmer?

Right from the year 2002 when NCS sugars ltd was established, the company grew manifold only due to the continuous and unstinting efforts of Sri NNR who believed from the bottom of his heart that if the sugar mill has to succeed, it is only through the efforts and parallel participation of the sugarcane farmers. He firmly believed that the farmers are the backbone of the country ‘s economy and their problems have to be addressed. This sole object made him

  • To provide the farmers free seed, fertilizer on loan basis ( zero interest), provide the poor farmer with push carts (distributed more than 3,000 free of cost) for ferrying the harvested cane from their fields.
  • Provided subsidized transport for all cane farmers using trucks and lorries .
  • Provided press mud free of cost to the farmers to be used as natural manure.
  • Provided scholarships to the deserving children of the farmers besides providing jobs to the qualified.
  • Some four adjoining villages to the sugar mill have been adopted and the company provides free drinking water, free electricity, laid cement roads, constructed overhead tanks in the respective villages besides providing periodical medical check-up camps in those villages.

Obstacles and challenges encountered during the journey

The challenges and hurdles encountered during this strenuous journey are innumerable.

  1. Paucity of working capital.
  2. Since sugar is an essential commodity, the prices of both sugarcane and white sugar were controlled by the state and central government causing immense financial problems. Added to them was the 10% levy that the sugar mills have to cough up to the state governments at an abnormal discounted rate compared to the market price. This is the sugar that the state governments supply to the BPL families.
  3. Sugar industry being seasonal , operates for a maximum of 4 months in a year. The remaining 8 months would be utilized for maintenance works. However, salaries have to be paid even for these 8 months to the staff which is a huge burden.
  4. Poaching of the company’s agreement sugarcane by the adjacent sugar mills and jaggery crushers is a menace.

Key achievements

  1. NCS is the pioneer in import of raw sugar from brazil under advance license mechanism and export the processed white sugar earning precious foreign currency to the country’s exchequer.
  2. Similarly, NCS was also the 1st to have imported molasses from Sri Lanka way back in the year 1995.
  3. NCS had set up a 20 mw power plant alongside the sugar mill with a multi fuel boiler so as to generate electricity all through the year.

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