World War Z 2 Release Date and Other Updates

Before the fans gather around us and ask what’s World War Z 2 Release Date, we ask them to calm down. If you are a fan of Brad Pitt’s 2013 hit movie World War Z, you are reading the correct article. 

We are all suckers for a quality zombie or horror genre movie, and it’s a challenging task to maintain the balance between the story and scaring the audience. 

The zombie genre is one of the evergreen genres of the industry. Every year films and TV shows with the zombie theme, however, are not all worth watching. The World War Z movie was released in 2013, the reception it received was excellent. 

Now it’s no surprise that fans are waiting for World War Z 2 Release Date, who wouldn’t want a sequel for a great film? Besides, WWZ’s story still has plenty of scope for the production of the second part. 

If you are here for the latest updates on World War Z 2, we have everything that’s currently known about it. 

What’s World War Z 2? 

If you want to know what World War Z 2 is, you must not be aware of its predecessor – World War Z. The movie was released in 2013. It’s an apocalyptic zombie horror movie. Renowned director Marc Forster directed it. The men behind the screenplay of it were Matthew Carnahan, Drew Goddard, and Damon Lindelof. 

The movie is based on a novel released in 2006 by Max Brooks, with the same name World War Z. The film was released on June 2, 2013. It had a massive budget of $269 million. 

While the movie was made with an enormous budget, the speculators were doubtful about its success. Still, the film turned out to be a superhit and grossed $540 million on Box Office. 

Tell Us About the Possible Plot

Waiting for World War Z 2 Release Date

The original movie had an impressive plot. It was pretty ‘realistic’ if you ask us. World War Z is set in the apocalyptic zombie world, where countries are overrun by massive hordes of zombies that are attracted to sound. 

The central character of the story – Gerry Lane, played by iconic Brad Pitt, is a United Nations investigator. He is on a mission to team up with the military of the United States to discover the reason behind the outbreak of zombies. 

He must visit other countries and find out a solution or a vaccine that can stop the further spread of the infection that turns people into zombies. The funny thing about the zombies in this movie is that they are quite sensitive to the noise. They appear to be smarter and faster than the stereotypical zombies that we see in movies. 

The entire movie is based on the various adventures that our protagonist goes through to rescue his own family. His near-death encounters with hordes of zombies are breathtaking. He visits various countries, military camps, and labs to study the zombies in a short time and finds a way to distract them. 

Talking of the second part, we are curious about what changes the makers of the movie would make if it ever gets produced. 

The first movie was supposed to end with a massive battle against zombies in Russia, where Gerry tries to rescue the Israeli soldier who’s accompanying him. Meanwhile, after it, he sees his wife with a random character from the movie. 

But that’s not how the movie ends. He goes to the WHO lab, where he sees that if a person ‘infects’ himself with any other pathogen, the zombies consider that person to be unfit for consumption. That is a type of camouflage that can be used to distract zombies and run away from them. 

Now, we have to see if a ‘vaccine’ really is developed in the next part. If it is designed, we can see how the world gets rid of the zombies. Or do we learn to coexist with them? 

However, the people connected to the film have not said anything concrete regarding the expansion. The original movie had scope for development, but writers haven’t laid out any clear ending. 

If Brad Pitt is continuing the role of Gerry Lane, there’s not much for the character to do in the sequel. If he’s dropped altogether, there’s a new story for the viewers. But we think Brad Pitt is the reason the movie was a massive success in the first place. 

If he’s dropped from the project, he needs to be replaced with someone as iconic as him. Someone who can do justice to the protagonist’s role is required. If that doesn’t happen, we can see a promising movie going down the drain. 

The writers need to plan out a proper story that serves as a fitting sequel to the previous installment. 

World War Z 2: Release Date

We know you are excited to hear about when part two of World War Z will be released for the audience. Well, as of now, no official announcement has been made regarding the launch. As per our knowledge, the sequel was supposed to release in June 2017. 

J.A. Bayona was the director-in-charge of the project, but soon after, he left it. Once he left the project due to behind-the-scenes reasons, the project got delayed. Even Paramount doesn’t look much interested in giving intense attention to it. 

Then comes David Fincher as the director for the movie, but he was busy with his own Netflix ventures like Mindhunter and Love, Death & Robots. Meanwhile, Brad was active with his Tarantino movie.

In a nutshell, all the factors mentioned above were responsible for pushing the making further ahead. If we consider the current COVID – 19 outbreak, we are not getting to hear about filming any soon. It’s safe to believe that if a sequel movie is ever made, it will not come before early 2024.


World War Z 2 Release Date is something that all of us are waiting to know. Still, unfortunately nothing is out about it from the official sources. Hence, we have to wait for months before some updates. 

However, no need to worry about it, it’s Hollywood! Everything is possible. If we get any updates, we will let you know. Keep following us. If you have fellow movie buff friends, share this article with them. And don’t forget to stay at home and stay safe. 

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