Harry Potter – Wizard Unite is ready to fascinate you

Harry Potter Wizard Unite is a new AR game developed by Pokémon go, developers, Niantic, will start around the world on June 21st (Friday) as per the official tweet by the company. The beta version of the game was released in Australia and New Zealand.

Definitely one day they need to release the game around the world officially. According to the statement of Niantic, the game will begin on 21st June, and they added to their statement that, “as the game goes live in your region soon.” Previously Pokémon go took a long time to launch in specific countries like Japan. So, hopefully, the company sticks to their plan and release the game on the announced date.

Harry Potter

About Harry Potter Wizard Unite

The game is similar to Pokemon Go, but now the users have to face more difficulties which probably won’t demonstrate as comprehensively standard a snare as “get all the Pokémon” demonstrated to be in that exciting summer of 2016. It’s everything except ensured to have a huge amount of players on the very first moment, in any case, and will be a noteworthy rival in a year that is ending up having more heavyweight AR diversions than any time in recent memory — from Dragon Quest to Minecraft.

Basic Idea behind Harry Potter Wizard Unite

The game will be available for iOS as well as Android users. People can experience the magical world through their phones only. The game completely based on the J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter’s world which will be full of magic and excitement. Players out to interface with incredible brutes, learn spells and duel with different witches and wizards.

  • As per CEO of the Niantic at the Mobile World Congress in February, “We stand at the beginning of a whole new era of augmented reality experiences and a new digital interaction for information and entertainment.”
  • It is prepared for the presentation of 5G and could be the executioner application which administrators and handset creators need to get purchasers to purchase 5G cell phones and system memberships.
  • The aspirations of its engineer go a long ways past straightforward ongoing interaction.

The “planet-scale enlarged reality stage” which supports it is proposed to capacity like a worldwide working framework for applications that join the advanced world with the physical world – or as Niantic’s John Hanke puts it – joining 3D images with atoms.

New Features in Harry Potter – Wizard unite


You would now be able to include Friends in the game! Add a Friend to get reward Wizarding XP and Wizarding Challenge XP, when you participate in Wizarding Challenges together.


Complete these tributes from the Ministry of Magic and get rewards for taking an interest in the Calamity reaction.

SOS Assignments:

Complete these Assignments and get rewards for helping the Ministry of Magic better comprehend the nature and reason for the Calamity.


Look at the new stacking video that gives you more understanding into the secret of the Calamity!

Final World

Harry Potter – Wizards Unite will bring so many exciting things for gamers. Moreover, if you are on the list of beta players and love the game already. Then you will fall in love with the game all over again.

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