CISCO reward is not released by DOD yet

Cisco has not been awarded by A U.S. defense contract worth $724. On June 17, the Pentagon said that “Cisco Systems Inc had won the contract for Cisco Smart Net Total Care Joint Enterprise License Agreement II.” However, on June 18 Pentagon says that “Contract not yet awarded.”


CISCO award details

The main motive of this deal was a two-year contract of US military and Cisco. CISCO has handled a potential two-year, $724M joint enterprise permit concurrence with the Defense Information Systems Agency to keep on giving specialized help and administrations over the Department of Defense. They need to give their services like education, training, etc in the technology field. Cisco has already made so many contracts of the same kind with the different departments throughout the world. But this one is special for the company as well because this is concerned with one of the greatest militaries of the people and Cisco believe that it will their honor to train those people who continue to keep the country safe from intruders.

How tough it was for CISCO?

According to the defense information technology department, they received four proposals for the fixed priced contracts, which included indefinite quality, indefinite delivery contract through a competitive petition on FedBozOpps. Also according to previous agreements Smart net total care, JELA II has a one year basic period by DOD could extend their period of service through June 17, 2024, state by The Pentagon on June 18, 2019.

What is the significance of reward to CISCO?

Cisco will provide technical education, engineering, classified network services, and consultation to all the Department of Defense organizations as the part of initial JELA rewarded in Sept 2014.

Maybe the services of Cisco to the Department of Defense will hold to till the termination of the contract of Smart Net Total Care Joint Enterprise License Agreement II. However, it would also be possible that they will work together to serve the Department of Defense U.S.

Possibilities for delay

It is a very complicated situation to understand the current situation. Because, if the Department Of Defense awarded CISCO, then they must release their reward. However, they did not make this in reality yet. There may be so many different possibilities in good as well as bad manner. If we talk about a good way, they may be the delay is because of paperwork. Moreover, there is also a possibility that the Department of Defense is revising its choice. Nobody knows about the exact reason for the delay.

Final Words

As soon as the Department of Defense releases the award, then CISCO will make an official announcement of the deal and also they may release the details of the details. Till then everybody has to wait for the official announcement of the deal by the Department of Defense and Cisco as well. I am very keen to know more details about the reward. If you too want more information on this matter then stay tuned with us.

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