International Sushi Day – Way to celebration

This Tuesday, the world will celebrate International Sushi Day. This is a deliberate time for sushi lovers. This day different restaurants offer so many different offers and flavors of this delicious seafood with savory flavors.

From streets to five-star sushi restaurants there are numerous options for having different kinds of sushi palates and spenders. Today we are here with the guide to the best sushi places in the city.

International Sushi Day

26 Sushi & Tapas

On this special day of International sushi day, this restaurant offers to buy one get one free offer for all their customers for 24 hours. Customers will get various options like Karate Kid which is basically made with tuna, avocado, scallions, top salmon, mango and ají Amarillo which will cost you $16; the vegan Machine that will be made with tofu tempura, cucumber, sweet shitake, carrots and avocado which will cost you $14 and the ONG roll that will be made with tuna, avocado, jalapeno, shallots and topped with hamachi and tataki which will cost you $25.

AQ Bar

This is the best place to celebrate the international sushi day in an elegant and intimate bar inside the resort. Their dinner dinner menu will include exotic sushi dishes like a snow crab California roll, a dragon roll with shrimp tempura made with spicy mayo lettuce and avocado which will cost you $16 and the AQ roll that will be made with spicy tuna, crunch, avocado, salmon, spicy sauce and jalapeno which will cost you $18 each.

B-Side by Itamae

This is a new Japanese restaurant, and also they are giving a very special offer to attract more customers. On the International sushi day every customer who will buy Get Lucky roll made with four pieces of tuna, kizami wasabi and rocoto worth $12 will receive a discount of 25% on 1-800-Lucky’s cocktail which is a mix of citrus, yuzuri and Soto sake.

Casa Sensei

This place is offering special or selective rolls worth $10 only to celebrate the International Sushi Day. This menu may include a veggie roll, drunken roll made with tempura fried salmon, cream cheese and surimi and a spicy tuna roll. You can also try Sushi boat if you are in the group of four to get a free bottle of house wine. The sushi boat may include 24 pieces of sashimi, 24 pieces of sushi, ten pieces of the rainbow roll, a JB tempura roll, a Mango Tango roll, a crunch tuna roll, and a tuna lover roll.

Chotto Matte

On the International sushi day with every sushi roll order, customers will get complimentary Soto sake shot. Their menu will include Sato maki made with yellowtail, salmon, lime soy and red pepper that will cost you $21, a sake dragon roll made with salmon and avocado will cost you $11 and a vegetable roll made with mixed vegetables will cost you $12.

Katsuya South Beach at SLS South Beach

In this restaurant, the customers will get two free or complementary pieces of special or selective rolls chosen by the master chef of restaurant Katsuya Uechi with every sushi order.

Final Words for International Sushi day

I hope you will enjoy your International Sushi day with delicious and mind-blowing sushi dishes. I try to state the best places to have sushi according to my experience. If you also know some exciting place then don’t forget to share with me.

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