International Yoga Day 2019: An Indian remedy for cancer patients

Several studies over the years indicate that yoga does not cure cancer, but it helps patients cope better with fatigue, insomnia, and other side effects associated with treatment. A review of a study published by Elsevier Inc. in 2013, has shown that “Yoga interventions may be useful in reducing fatigue and cancer in women with breast cancer.”

A further review of nine studies on cancer patients and survivors

They said that yoga “resulted in a slight improvement in the quality of sleep, mood, cancer-related stress, cancer-related symptoms and overall quality of life.”

International Yoga Day The international yoga day is celebrated every year on June 21

To raise awareness about the benefits of ancient Indian practice, on December 11, 2014, the United Nations General Assembly announced the International Yoga Day on June 21. After UN ambassador to the United Nations, Asuka Mukargee, decided to consider the 177 countries that have joined as a sponsor, the largest number in the history of the General Assembly.

Resolution 69/131, adopted in accordance with the program “World health policy and foreign policy”, recognized that yoga “provides a holistic approach to health and well-being”.

“The results of the emerging literature on yoga and cancer provide initial support for the effectiveness and efficacy of yoga interventions for cancer patients, although in a controlled controlled study, more research is needed to determine the credibility of these effects for determine their basic mechanisms, “he said.

Some interesting facts about International Yoga Day:

Yoga: Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice originating in India. The word “yoga” comes from Sanskrit, which means to unite or unite, symbolizes the union of body and mind.

History of International Yoga Day: the idea of ​​International Yoga Day was proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Moody during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly (AGNU) on September 27, 2014. Subsequently, a draft resolution on ” International day of yoga “.

From the Indian ambassador to the UN, Asuka Kumar Mukherjee. The project received the support of 177 countries, the largest number of sponsors for each UN General Assembly resolution. The UN declared June 21 the International Day of Yoga. International Yoga Day 2019: This year the capital of Jharkhand Ranchi will host the main event of Yoga Day.

The event will take place tomorrow at Prabhat Tara, where PM Moody will do yoga together with 18,000 people, including Prime Minister Raghubar Das.First International Yoga Day: June 21, 2015. Nearly 35,985 people, including PM Moody and dignitaries from 84 countries, made 21 asanas (yoga positions) for 35 minutes in New Delhi. Yoga helps in not only being physically good but also mentally balanced.

Final Words

However, another review of 16 studies that evaluated 23 physical and 20 psychosocial results showed that “yoga appears to be a possible intervention and a beneficial effect on various physical and psychosocial symptoms”. In patients with breast cancer, the effect on functional well-being was small and psychosocial outcomes were moderate to large. Are you doing yoga practice daily? If yes, let us know your experience in the comments below. If No, let us start today. Why delay? Share your experience of your yoga routine with us.


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