Health Benefits of Having an Orgasm in 2024

Whenever we talk about health and orgasms, we talk about self-concern. It is important that everyone feels and enjoys their sexuality in their own way. It is very important to know and explore yourself. Discover which are the most sensitive areas of the body, those fantasies that you want to make come true and the fetishes that you may have. Everything to reach ecstasy, let yourself go and enjoy until you reach that point of no return. Close your eyes, squeeze your fingers, wet the sheets and moan. But how to reach it? Here are some tips to help you enjoy the best orgasms.

Why does it feel so good?


That’s because climaxing floods your body with feel-good hormones, such as oxytocin, which reduces stress.
Plus, the process of reaching orgasm distracts you from any worries or to-do tasks on your to-do list. It’s hard to worry about how full your inbox is when… you fill the other inbox. To achieve a satisfying orgasm, it is all about stimulating the body’s most sensitive nerve endings. An intimate, close, fun, curious and revealing experience with a great result.

What are the benefits?

This type of ecstasy can be achieved in different ways, alone or in company. Although both end in the same way, with an intense pleasure, a kind of internal explosion that runs through the whole body.

Masturbating is not only relaxing, it also puts us in a great mood, giving us a hormone rush that can even improve our self-image. This is because orgasms release endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin. Better known as happiness hormones, they can turn any bad day into a day to remember. If you have never felt its great benefits, there are all kinds of escorts in Skokka who can help you make the most of your orgasms and enjoy every second of it.
Besides, there is another hormone involved in this, which is oestrogen, as it affects the thickness and hydration of the skin. A study by the University of Michigan, USA, found that this hormone helps prevent skin ageing.

A natural panacea


It is important to note that, although orgasm is a very healthy and recommended practice, it is important to point out that the daily frequency should not be exceeded, as an excess of this type of hormones can lead to addictive behaviours. In any case, as long as you do not practice unprotected sex and have responsible self-control, whether alone or accompanied, do not be afraid to try new things if necessary, because the best thing you can and should do is to procure an orgasm.

Experiment and let yourself go, but with the necessary precautions. No one wants an unwanted pregnancy or to catch a Sexually Transmitted Disease, also known as STD. For this reason, and to be able to enjoy intensely and without worries, it is advisable to take care of hygiene and use barrier methods or contraceptives. A few simple steps that allow for safe orgasms.

The taboo no one talks about (but we all do)

There is nothing wrong with saying that masturbation is present, but when we talk about it we do so discreetly, which makes it something that is more difficult to talk about. Nowadays, it is more common for women to share their opinions about all kinds of sex toys, whose ultimate purpose is none other than onanism, but very few talk about the act itself, something that contrasts with how widespread, accepted and visible male masturbation is, which men talk about without blushing, in front of almost all kinds of audiences. If we really want to have more pleasurable and beneficial orgasms for ourselves, it is extremely important that we relax and put aside all prejudices.

So, in the face of so much prejudice, myths and false beliefs, it is important to defend a positive image of the female genitalia. It is important to defend a positive image of masturbation that allows us to enjoy it in order to take advantage of its many benefits.

Moreover, if this part of the human anatomy is made visible, in addition to increasing the pleasure given and received, many other concerns, prejudices and pressures would end. Simply with good communication and the desire to experiment without taboos.

No more questions such as if the orgasm was faked, if the movements and intensity were the right ones, if it ended too soon… Just think about what matters, which is to let yourself go and enjoy.

Things to bear in mind:


The benefits for the body are usually many and some of them are the following:

  • Pain: If you have chronic or acute pain, it is an excellent way to relieve your aches and pains.
  • Mood: With a high dose of hormones, you will feel happier and more cheerful in your daily life.
  • Circulation: It’s a great way to radiate your blood to every corner of your body.
  • Sleep: In order to sleep better, it’s always good to finish with a good orgasm. Why would men be so tired every time after they finish if it didn’t help?
  • Relaxing: It is an excellent muscle relaxant, after high tensions in your body, it relaxes more than usual. Goodbye stress and worries.
  • Self-esteem: what could be better than feeling desired, or able to provoke such immense pleasure? Looking in the mirror after a good orgasm, everyone looks better and with a special sparkle in their eyes.

These are the different benefits and attributes of orgasm, whether you are with your partner, a professional or alone and anywhere in the world, it will always bring a high dose of advantages to your body. Now that we have given you some tips and recommendations, it is time to put them into practice! What is there to lose? A good gift for others and for oneself. Intense pleasure, ecstasy… With the help of imagination, some visual, auditory or sensory stimulation, alone or accompanied, just leave your hands free to explore centimetre by centimetre of skin. Why wait any longer?

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