9 Herbs You Can Use to Naturally Detox Your Body

It’s 2024, the world is still in a state of the pandemic, and the people are confused, thinking about the life they had until 2019, and all the harmful things we did to our bodies. One tiny virus that caused millions of deaths worldwide taught us to appreciate our bodies more. One of the best ways to prevent diseases is to take care and control over what we eat, limit the intake of potentially toxic ingredients, and do a detox every once in a while.

According to backtoyourrootsherbs.com, it’s always a nice idea to go back to the roots, literally, because nature has all the answers we need. The detox of your body is needed after a longer period of greasy and caloric food, or when you are getting ready for the new season, and want to do a deep “cleanse” to all the organs. There are plenty of herbs you can use to prepare a detox tea, and release all the toxins from your body. So, let’s see how you can do that, and what you should use for that purpose:

1. Red clover

Source: live-native.com

This herb is known for its specific features, to help the body maintain a good hormone balance all the time. The root collects the nitrogen substances from the soil, and the plant turns them into compounds that can improve the appearance of your skin because it helps the cell rejuvenation nicely. Use it dried, to prepare tea. The taste isn’t pleasant, but the effects are great.

2. Nettle

People really enjoy this herb and the authentic green taste it provides. You can use it to prepare tea, stews, and soups, or as a pastry filling. It improves the hormonal balance, the joints, and of course, boosts the metabolism, no matter how you decide to consume it.

3. Milk thistle

Source: wikipedia.org

It helps cell regeneration and removes the free radicals that can cause damage. It doesn’t clean the body by itself but helps the metabolism release everything that is not needed or can be potentially dangerous.

4. Turmeric

It’s the goddess among the herbs that are used for detox. It helps you release the stool easily, unclog the blood vessels when in the early stages of clogging, or removing the excess water when your legs and arms are swollen. But, don’t overdo it, since every herb can cause obstructions if you take too much of it.

5. Burdock

It helps the body to get ready and absorb the nutrients from the food. Also, it will promote the kidneys’ self-cleaning, and release the toxins outside the body, resulting in smooth tan and glowing skin.

6. Dandelion

Its diuretic properties will help you flush down the toxins. It cleans the kidneys and liver too. You can either use it fresh or dried, depending on how it’s available around you.

7. Marigold

Source: gardendesign.com

The flower and leaves are used to prepare tea, or lotions, that are promoting healthier skin, and deep reparation of the tissues. Use it as a clean tea, or combine it with other herbs.

8. Rosehip

It has a pleasant taste when prepared as a tea, and it’s nicely combined with berries, to protect the body from free radicals, and provide enough antioxidants to fight against them. It also has a nice color, which makes it even more delicious.

9. Green tea

Source: longstea.com.au

Did you think we will complete this list without mentioning it or its varieties? It has strong antioxidant properties, and it can protect the liver from different conditions since it’s the body part responsible for cleaning the whole body. There are plenty of different kinds of green tea, and the good news is that the black and white tea comes from the same plant, and have similar features, but different taste.

The secret behind the herbal detox

Many people claim they can get rid of the toxins in their bodies by drinking herbal teas. Even though there is no scientific proof it works like that, a lot of doctors will still recommend taking some tea as an addition to the therapy. They will also tell you which herbs can’t be combined with the pills you take to treat some condition. Also, you have to keep in mind that you must plan the detox carefully because if you take too much tea, or combine the herbs improperly, you are putting your health at risk.

Additionally, the ingredients like juniper berry, licorice, cilantro, valerian, or ginger also have some detox properties, and you can combine them with the others we listed above. Always consult someone who knows the herbs better, so you can be sure you combine them properly. Some people say that they easily lose weight and improve their appearance when these teas are a regular part of their habits.

When it comes to herbal detox supplements, you need to buy them from trusted sellers or in certified pharmacies. Make sure all the ingredients and compounds are listed on the package, so you can be sure you won’t harm your body. There can also be some side effects, and that’s why you must consult with your doctor. Every person has a specific body condition, and some ingredients can cause severe to mild side effects that are normal and expected, but if they are extreme, you need to stop taking the herbal detox solution.

Keep in mind that some of them should be taken in a limited period, and if you proceed using it, you risk organ failure – and that’s not what you want. Of course, pregnant women, underage young people, and those with chronic diseases should always consult their doctor before they take any natural tea as an addition to their daily habits. If you take some medicine as a part of your regular therapy, you have to check if you are able to combine it with herbal teas. Sometimes, they interfere with the active ingredients and can stop the drug’s effect.

In the end, we will recommend you to buy them from a trusted seller, so you can be sure you are getting the best quality of the herbs and their products as tea, lotions, serums, and so on.

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