A Brief History of Bingo Games

Bingo games have been around for centuries now, and you could say bingo is one of the most, if not the most, traditional of casino games out there. Bingo games are now enjoyed by more people than ever before too as advancements in technology mean we can play top bingo games online.

This kind of accessibility with bingo games means more people than ever are able to play whenever they like, wherever they are. According to barbadosbingo.com, Bingo online has also opened up the popular game to a whole new market of people who use their mobiles more than any other generation – millennials. Read on for a brief history of bingo games.

The Origins of Bingo Games

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Bingo games and the origin of this ever popular choice of casino games varies depending on which historian you ask. However, it’s most widely accepted that bingo games originated in 16th century Italy. Then, it was known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. It was similar to 90 ball bingo games we play now. It was different to bingo games we play now in some ways though.

It involved bingo cards which had nine vertical rows and three horizontal rows. The first player who matched all of the subsequent in a horizontal row won the pot. Four hundred years or more later and bingo games grew popular elsewhere in the world, and bingo UK halls begun popping up at a fast pace. Once bingo games became regulated, even more so.

The Great Bingo Games Boom

The past decade has seen what some are calling the great bingo games boom, as bingo games have gone more mainstream than ever before. Any kind of person can play bingo games now, and they do! No matter the age or budget. When it comes to the UK, it’s fair to say as a nation we’re gamblers.

In particular, we love to lottery and bingo games as a fun way to relax and unwind after a hard days work, or during a weekend of chilling out. With so many amazing bingo games variations available to play now, anywhere and anytime, it’s no surprise bingo games are more popular than ever before.

The History of Brazilian Bingo Games

While more people are playing online bingo than ever before, Brazil’s relationship history with the game remains murky. The country banned bingo games in 1946, before legalizing bingo games halls in 1993. Within a decade over a thousand halls opened. In 2004, the decision was then reversed, but players can still enjoy casino games at international online casino sites.

A Brief History of Bingo Games Conclusion

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The history of bingo games is an interesting one, and all the more so when you think about what a privilege it is to have such free access now. Especially when there are some parts of the world, like in Brazil, where it’s a little harder to enjoy bingo games easily like it is for us in the UK, or elsewhere. Why not find traditional bingo games at your favourite online casino and play today?

Modernization of Bingo Games

As you can see, the history of the Bingo is long and a bit confusing. However, it is one of the most favorite games in today’s world. That especially counts when we talk about the UK. The good thing is that everything in the world is modernized in the 21st century. Because of that, people can now decide on playing Bingo online. Yet, there are two things you will need to have. Every player needs to have a stable Wi-Fi connection and a decent smart device. Fortunately, both things are available to all the people around the world.

Still, some people are not quite sure why playing bingo online is a good option. Because of that, we would like to talk about the benefits of playing online bingo.


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As we said, if you have a decent smartphone and a stable wifi connection, you meet all the requirements to play the bingo online. In that case, bingo is available to you every second of the day. You can play it at home, from the restaurant, or anywhere else.

Concentration and Focus

Spending your time in the Bingo halls can be good for different reasons. You can meet some nice people there that have the same interests as you. However, playing Bingo at home brings some other benefits. Some people simply want to spend their free time on indoor activities. After a hard day at work, they only want to get into the bad, turn on some movie, and relax. Yet, making money while relaxing is also possible with Bingo. Of course, we do not want to say that you will manage to make millions. However, that is probably the best possible way to use your free time.

Despite that, some people do not like to enjoy Bingo when there are crowds and noise around them. These people need silence because it allows them to concentrate on the game. With a higher level of concentration and focus, the results you achieve are going to be good.

Following the Number Easily

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Missing a number is one of the issues that many players have to deal with. That especially counts if you purchased a big number of tickets at once. Fortunately, the problem of that type does not exist if you start playing bingo online. The system will know in every moment which numbers you had on your ticket. Because of that, it doesn’t matter if you miss to mark off the number. Despite that, you will manage to follow the numbers even when you buy multiple tickets.


Here comes the most important benefit of online bingo sites for all the players. The most professional ones will always offer a welcome bonus. That type of reward is available to everyone who reaches the Bingo site for the first time.

Which reward you will get depends on the Bingo website you choose. The bonuses are different from one place to another. However, in most cases, they will come in form of extra bonus credits and free slot spins.

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