The Atomy Revolution: How Atomy E-Commerce is Changing the Game 2024

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the way we shop significantly. People have been under lockdowns for a lot of time, and a high number of people have shifted their interests. We can see that a high number of people have shifted towards purchasing their groceries online.

Naturally, that doesn’t mean that physical shops will cease to exist for good. Even though a high number of people who shop for their groceries online have returned to the habits they had before the pandemic, we can see that online shopping has more popular than it has ever been.

Of course, that doesn’t go just for groceries, but for a wide array of different merchandise as well. That’s when e-commerce has become a predominant force. There are a lot of different options for us to choose from when it comes to the platform we are going to use for setting up this sort of website.

One of the newest options out there is Atomy. If you want to learn the specifics of this platform, be sure to click here. Now, we want to talk about how Atomy is about to change the e-commerce game. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Project Recommendations


One of the most important aspects you will find in Atomy is the ability to monitor your activities carefully. How does that benefit a consumer and seller? Well, it’s quite simple, by monitoring the activities of a consumer, it will be able to provide them with all the information about the merchandise they might be interested in.

The information emerges from what they have purchased in the past. On the seller’s side, the platform, through analytics, will provide exact information about the customer’s behavior. Therefore, the seller can find the right time and way to present some of the new products available on the site.

By having this option, the seller has a lot of different options to undertake. For instance, he or she can opt for either email marketing, on presenting goods in recommendations. All this is possible because of AI technology, which is a built-in feature on the platform.

The site owner will not need to go through additional efforts to find the right plugin for this option. On some special occasions, when some limited merchandise is sold in a limited way, the seller will know just who are the sellers that should be contacted. All this is possible by monitoring their previous behavior.

Voice Search


In this day and age, customers want to invest as low effort as possible into their shopping. When you think about it, it makes perfect. We live in a busy world, and most people cannot afford to spend a lot of their time on certain things. Therefore, making the purchasing process as fast as possible is an absolute must.

Thankfully, this is the situation where Atomy with its voice search feature comes to the stage. No matter what report on the marketing trends you consult, you will see that search is by far the most important one. You will certainly find this option on a lot of platforms out there.

However, we want to point out that in the case of Atomy, this feature has been adjusted to perfection. It works perfectly, and you will not find any problems in this regard. We can agree that Atomy has set a standard. We believe that all other platforms will follow this example in the future.

When it comes to the importance of voice search in today’s online shopping, a lot of facts point toward this. For instance, we can see that the voice-assistant-speak market has reached $4 billion in 2022. When you compare it to previous years, you will see just how important this feature has become.

User Stimulation


One of the most important features you will get from Atomy is to stimulate potential buyers with gamification of the process. We want to say that people are generally annoyed with all the ads they come across every day. So, it would be good to provide them with something more interesting.

That’s the moment where gamification comes to mind. We are talking about adding small puzzle games, whose purpose is to stimulate the users to purchase on your website. Sadly, Atomy doesn’t offer you a chance to create these games as an inbuilt feature of the platform.

However, we can see that the integration of these small games and the platform is a smooth process. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should focus on things like puzzles. Instead, you should think about offering purchases some bonuses and making it a game. An efficient way to do that is to create a spinning wheel, which is always a great option.

Omnichannel Selling


The last thing we want to talk about is omnichannel selling. What does this mean? The latest studies have shown that most consumers will not purchase a certain product until they have seen it at least three or more times. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to choose more than just one channel for selling the goods.

Basically, this shows that your platform should be able to connect with your social media accounts and provide all the information about your merchandise. You will agree that sharing each product manually takes a lot of time. Thankfully, Atomy offers you a chance to make this process much faster.

Not only that you should focus on social media platforms, but we feel it is essential to reach out to other platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. When you do that, your products will meet the consumers directly, which means that they will be as visible as possible. It only adds to the higher chances of conversion.

In Conclusion

Atomy is not a new player on the market, but the recent improvements in the platform have made it a serious player. In this article of ours, we’ve provided you with the most important features that will define the industry in the future. We are certain that you will find this insight of ours to be of much help.

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