Game Changers: Saudi Arabia’s Rise and the eSports Revolution in the Middle East

A significant revolution is unfolding in the heart of the Middle East as eSports and the gaming market experience rapid growth, gaining popularity among Saudi Arabia’s youth. Renowned for its rich cultural heritage and vast oil reserves, Saudi Arabia is now emerging as a formidable presence in the eSports landscape, reshaping the gaming industry in the Middle East and exerting influence on the development of Middle East online casinos. This article provides insights into the growing eSports market in Saudi Arabia, shedding light on the challenges, prospects, and dimensions associated with this remarkable growth.

The Emergence of eSports in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s entry into eSports may be new, but the country’s success has been nothing short of astounding. Recognizing the tremendous potential of eSports for job development, youth involvement, innovation, and economic expansion, the Saudi government embarked on the country’s eSports adventure.

A government program aims to increase diversification economically, socially, and culturally, and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 lies at the center of this revolution. In the frame of Vision 2030, eSports plays a leading role. It is regarded as a means to promote local talent, bring revenue, and advertise the country’s population as tech-savvy.

In 2017, the Saudi Arabian General Sports Authority (GSA) founded the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intelectual Sports (SAFEIS). This federation promotes eSports in the country and is a regulatory body supporting the industry.

Building the Infrastructure

Building the Infrastructure

The development of robust infrastructure is a driving force behind this revolution, which clearly indicates the government’s dedication to Saudi Arabia’s rise in eSports. The country has financed the construction of eSports stadiums and training centers where young people are prepared to enter the gaming world.

Places like the Nexus Arena, a 1000-seat stadium for eSports, Riyadh Front Arena with a capacity of 2,500 seats, and the expansion of Middle East Casinos show how much the country is committed to developing the gaming industry. These venues support local players and host international tournaments, thus promoting the country as a regional eSports hub.

Training the Next Generation

The government in Saudi Arabia invests in eSport youth education and training. The Saudi eSports Federation hosts the Saudi eSports Academy. This academy allows gaming enthusiasts to earn a degree in an eSports-related subject and pursue a career in this fast-growing field.

All the eSports academies and training centers in Saudi Arabia have the newest gaming equipment and the most experienced coaches who offer training in a supportive environment. Moreover, people who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge in eSports can enroll in some of the online training or use online resources, tutorials, and guides.

The eSport community in Saudi Arabia actively shares knowledge online, on social media, on forums, and streaming channels.

Saudi Arabia as an eSports Hub

Saudi Arabia as an eSports Hub

In addition to encouraging domestic eSports growth, Saudi Arabia is determined to position itself as a prominent regional eSports hub. Many international eSport events have been held in the Kingdom, thus promoting the country as a noticeable destination for eSport events.

One of the main events in Saudi Arabia was the Intel World Open in Riyadh in 2020, which gathered players from around the world. It featured popular games like Street Fighter V and Rocket League, and the prize pool was significant. Saudi Arabia has become a suitable place for international eSports tournaments by hosting these events.

Challenges on the Horizon

While the gaming revolution surges forward, it is essential to acknowledge and address specific challenges and hurdles that lie ahead. A significant obstacle is the prevailing perception of eSports and gaming within Saudi Arabia.

The nation maintains a conservative societal outlook, and gaming is not widely regarded as a legitimate career pursuit. Overcoming this challenge and shifting public opinion on this matter will undoubtedly be a difficult undertaking.

Furthermore, the foundation of a sustainable eSports ecosystem is another important aspect to consider. The government’s investments in the gaming industry are the foundation. Still, for the development process to continue, it will require the involvement of sponsors, stakeholders, investors, and game publishers from the country and abroad.

This industry is based on game development and content creation, so the development of local game developers and content creators is paramount. The long-term success of the industry depends largely on nurturing local talents.

Growth of Middle East Online Casinos

Growth of Middle East Online Casinos

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) gaming market is set to experience significant growth, with an expected gaming revenue of nearly $2.8 billion by 2026. This increase in revenue highlights the region’s growing interest in the gaming sector, as evidenced by the rising traffic to the Middle East’s biggest casino directory,

However, despite this growth, the online casino industry faces its own challenges in the region as gambling, including sports betting, is prohibited due to the strict adherence to Islamic law.

Opportunities for Growth

The eSports revolution in Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East region holds various opportunities for growth across several key areas:

Economic Diversification

This development presents a significant opportunity for economic diversification. By investing in the gaming industry, Saudi Arabia can reduce its reliance on oil and tap into the expanding eSports market.


Hosting international eSports tournaments and events can boost tourism. These events attract players worldwide, contributing to the country’s economy and fostering international engagement.


eSports can promote education by encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. Investing in eSports translates to investing in the skill development of the country’s youth, preparing them for the future.

Final Words

Saudi Arabia is a rising star in the eSports world on a global level. The government invested in this field not only to entertain the people but also to enhance economic diversification and talent development. With the investment in a top-class infrastructure, Saudi Arabia has positioned itself at the top of the global eSports arena.

eSports and Middle East online casinos are not just a trend but a strategic move that can completely reshape the region’s economy, offering people possibilities for growth and modeling the future of competitive gaming in the region.

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