The Importance of Pre-Employment Drug Testing for Your Business

Surely now as you read this article, in multiple tabs of your browser, you have open job postings. I know, it is very difficult nowadays to find a well-paid job with which we can cover our monthly expenses and afford such a normal way of life. This becomes even more difficult if we have a family to take care of, such as children to whom we have to provide food and other living conditions.

While looking at the ads you will surely notice that most of them have special requirements such as the person applying for the job must be university educated, have a degree, have computer skills, and have certain work skills and so on onwards. And in return, if you have all these predispositions for work you will be offered a modest monthly salary. Surely in some of the ads, you have noticed that the new employee is required, if he is accepted for the position for which he applied, and that he should do pre-employment drug testing. And this should not surprise you too much, because this is totally legal.

In the continuation of our text we will talk more about this topic, what is the reason for this testing, why the employer insists on such a text, whether the employer violates any right of the employee by asking him not to undergo this type of testing and so on. So let’s get started.

What is the purpose of pre-employment drug testing?


Put yourself on the other side for a moment. Imagine that you are the owner of a reputable company, you need new staff, people who have certain qualifications and knowledge that they can implement in the job position and you, in turn, will compensate them with monthly income. It is normal for every company to have different requirements when it comes to hiring new people. The one who runs the business requires the employees to have a good knowledge of the field in which the company deals, in order to be able to respond positively to all the requirements that will be set and to complete the work within the given deadline. In addition to being efficient and effective, the employee needs to feel safe in the workplace and make other employees feel safe.

The purpose of these tests is to prove whether the person who applied for the job position has recently used any illegal substances or has committed any abuse of medical drugs.

How are these drug tests performed?


Tests can be done very easily. To determine if there is any legal substance in the human body, it is tested through urine, blood, saliva, or hair. Most often, however, these tests are based on a urine sample. Most people who take this test should go to the nearest laboratory and ask to be tested. Or in some cases, the company conducts its own examination of employees. In any case, a sample of the final result should be submitted to the future employer. If you have not consumed any illegal substance in the past, or have not abused medical drugs, there is nothing to fear, because it is a small control for future employees of the company. You can do that urine test quickly and easily in Health Street, which has as many as 5,000 locations across the country. All you have to do is find the location closest to you and get tested.

Are the requirements legal?

If you consider that this request from the employer jeopardizes some of your rights, you are free to consult a legal entity that can give you a professional explanation of the case. In most countries, however, the law states that this is a perfectly legal way and that the business owner has every right to ask future or current employees to undergo this type of examination. Even if it seems unethical to you, you can still agree to such an examination, to prove to him that your future employer can trust you completely, and that future colleagues can feel safe with you.

What benefits does the business owner get with these tests?


There is some research showing that people who use illegal substances are absent from work more than employees who do not. Employees who use drugs are also more likely to make mistakes at work, which can be fatal to the business. They can endanger other employees, and endanger their health. For example, let’s say that it is a business that deals with the production of a product, and there is a plant with machines and tapes that make the product. If the person in charge of a machine is under the influence of some drugs can very easily make a mistake that will cause side effects, such as mishandling a machine that will lead to its breakdown and the company may be subject to huge costs to repair or procure another. Also, due to the effect of the drugs, he can make a bad assessment of a situation and thus endanger the health of his colleague. When a person is under the influence of illegal substances, his productivity decreases to a certain extent, and he cannot fully perform his work responsibilities, which can negatively affect the operation of the business.

Benefits that the owner can enjoy are:

– An employee who will be a regular in his job position, except in cases of illness or private reason
– An employee who with his productivity will contribute to the growth of the business
– An employee who will perform the work responsibilities on time
– An employee who will be safe, first for himself, and then for the other employees in the company and for the company itself
– An employee who will make sober decisions in the workplace.

The importance of this type of testing can be huge for the business, as it can have unintended consequences for the company if not done. Employment drug testing is good for both the new employee and the business owner and is recommended to be applied every few months to have good control over the employees to whom you have entrusted the business and who can make decisions that will have a negative or positive impact on it. So do not be afraid, feel free to schedule your test today.

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