The Ins and Outs of Training Your Team with Video

There is an old saying that two heads are smarter than one. The individual is not up to today’s challenge of new information that he cannot control himself. It is said that more information was created in the 20th century than in all of history before it, and this trend is growing even more. It is quite clear that the group mind can be much more intelligent than the individual. Doing a good job depends on the work of a network of other people who are involved in the realization of a project or goal. Many situations require the cooperation of groups of people, and the achievement of set goals is not something that can be achieved by joint efforts alone. Someone has to coordinate and supervise the entire project, motivate, generate changes in the division of work, etc. This is precisely the task of the team leader, to manage the team and motivate each individual to give their maximum.

Three years ago, we faced the coronavirus pandemic. Then, whether we wanted it or not, we had to accept some changes in the way we had lived so far – we were forced to study and work from home, avoid physical contact, to find a way to function as if nothing unusual was happening. Many will say that working in a home atmosphere is the desire of all of us, but there are also many who believe that such an undertaking requires great organization, especially if you are a team leader and the future of your company depends on the productivity of you and your employees. Be that as it may, the Internet has taught us that many things can be done online, and with you, you can be a perfect leader even so. Although the corona has more or less passed, many have kept that business model. Below, read the advantages and disadvantages of training your team with video.

Connecting face to face


There are people who have leadership qualities, but also a fear of public speaking. Leading the team via video is something that will certainly be a relief because, in addition to organizing meetings and workshops live, they will also have the opportunity to record the message they want to convey to the rest of the team. With this, they will have control over the video and make sure that everything is exactly as it should be before they put it on the platform. Today there are many training software, about which you will learn more if you visit this site. In any case, they will teach you how to record a perfect video and convey a key message to employees.

Choosing the right tools

A corporate instant messaging platform is sufficient for quick, individual communication between team members, i.e. a quick exchange of information or check the status of a project. However, in order to enable the mutual cooperation of all team members and for projects on which a large number of employees work, a slightly stronger tool is needed. There are a number of tools available to support teamwork, so it’s important to understand what each tool offers in order to choose the one best suited for your company and take advantage of its benefits. Talking and sharing experiences with other managers will probably be equally useful for you and for them.

Save money and time


Online education, workshops, and meetings save us a lot of time because we don’t have to waste time in traffic, and thus our transportation and food costs are reduced because we are sitting in our home.

Internet access

What we can mention as a negative in this type of business is access to the Internet. We live in a time when we are connected to the Internet every day, and that is exactly what is necessary in this case. So, if the internet is interrupted – you will not be able to watch a video or attend an online conference.



We come to an important part. There are people who do their best at work, but also those who do only as much as they have to. This second group of people will perhaps take video communication too lightly and ignore its importance and postpone watching it, which can lead to the fact that work suffering in the end.


It is very important not to neglect teamwork if you have decided on online communication and business. Virtual hangouts over a cold drink can be almost as much fun as real hangouts. Turn on the cameras, grab a drink and hang out. Talk. You’re kidding. Just as if you gathered in a cafe. Small, thoughtful changes can help keep your team engaged, motivated, fully supported, and doing great work that’s properly valued.

Business tools


It is very important to choose the right business tools and applications that offer solutions. Try to find one that will allow you to create, change, and view documents on all devices because they are synchronized, and use documents together with team members. There are many things that can be misinterpreted, not heard or forgotten, so a written clue is always a smarter solution. But when it comes to remote group meetings, videoconferencing is a great solution.

Monitoring team productivity

Nowadays, you can easily find sophisticated technical solutions that help employers monitor worker productivity. Of course, with wrong communication and tools, the worker can perceive it as an invasion of privacy, which further leads to a loss of trust. Our efforts should actually be focused on creating and building an environment of trust, not designing surveillance tools. If as managers we invest time, energy, and care in our people, we will almost certainly get engagement, loyalty, and trust from our team as a result. And someone who doesn’t deliver his part anyway, won’t do it under any pressure.

If you’re a manager trying to find your new role as a virtual team leader in these uncertain times and make sure everyone on your team feels supported, connected, and ready to succeed, you’re not alone. Give yourself time and use the benefits of modern technology!

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