Is the Irish Driving Theory Test Hard? 6 Things to Know

Like any exam, this one is quite stressful, especially if you get nervous easily. But there is no reason to worry. Even if you don’t pass on the first attempt, you certainly will. Taking the driving test is an important part of our lives, but it doesn’t have to be one of the most stressful.

All that is required is to be persistent enough and not to give up the desire to become an independent driver. We will give you some tips that will help you to go out and pass this not so easy exam.

1. You should not be afraid


Every exam situation causes nervousness, especially those in which we have to demonstrate our abilities and skills. Thus fear and stress become our worst enemies, which prevent us from success. It prevents us from achieving what we want, and further stress arises from it, as a negative reaction to certain situations. It encourages various psychological, emotional and physical reactions, which block us and cause failure. Anxiety affects our attention and information processing. Therefore, it is important to look at the situation you are in realistically, i.e. do not let pride prevail.

That’s why it’s important to start studying on time, do as many mock tests as possible, think positively and rest before the exam. In this way, you will reduce anxiety to a minimum on the day of the exam, because you will be much more confident in your knowledge. When you start doing the test, breathe and try to relax your body and it will get rid of the tension on its own. Encourage yourself and focus only on your exam.

2. The Irish driving test is not difficult

So the criteria for the test are high, but that does not mean that it is difficult to pass it. You just need to study systematically. The exam is challenging because it consists of several parts. These are practical driving, mathematical reasoning and hazard perception. If you want to achieve the maximum number of points, you must study carefully and concentrate on the questions. All the literature available online is useful for you.

Do not forget to write down questions that are not clear to you or that are difficult to remember. You will have to do certain tasks several times before you remember the correct answer. Since there are many traffic signs and procedures, you will memorize that part. So try to be rested and fresh while studying, because that way you will acquire quality knowledge.

3. The test consists of 40 questions


If you did not know how this test is conducted, prepare for 40 questions lasting about 40 minutes. The test consists of a series of questions covering different aspects of driving. For questions with multiple correct answers, only completely solved questions are accepted. Each question carries a certain number of points.

Questions include road rules, traffic safety, but also many ordinary situations that you encounter every day. In order to succeed in the exam, you must not have more than 5 wrong questions. Otherwise, you will retake the test. Studying the night before the test or on the day of the test does not bring the desired results because then the person is tired and it is much harder to concentrate. When a person is under stress, as is usually the case on test day, he cannot absorb the things he reads systematically. So study regularly as this increases your chances of passing your driving test the first time. You can always take practice tests at and increase your chances significantly that way.

4. Each test is unique

The exam combination is unique for each student. It does not necessarily mean that you will get a combination of mock tests in the exam, but it can be a completely new combination made up of other questions. Each question is accompanied by a note indicating what kind of action is expected from the user.

5. Choosing a driving school is important


They are different in quality. So there are those driving schools that provide quality training for future drivers. You can also come across average ones, and unfortunately there are many below average ones. Such schools should be guarded against, because there is fraud behind them. When choosing a driving school, you usually want good training at the lowest possible price, but the reality is that this is rarely the case. If you’re lucky, a few of your friends will recommend good schools that they’ve been happy with, or they’ll tell you to avoid some schools because of their bad experiences.

Even then, your choice will be narrowed down to which school you will choose. Most serious institutions will have a well-designed website that will contain all the necessary information about taking the exam. There you will be able to find the names of instructors, tests to take. Ask about the passing rate at the school. Call the driving school, they will give you information about the instructors, service prices, fleet and driving range. They will direct you to promotions and discounts and beyond.

6. Opt for a professional instructor

When you decide to look for a driving school where you will take your driving test, pay special attention to the instructor’s experience. The instructor should be well-educated, completely in the subject, and of course, know how to transfer knowledge well. The knowledge of the instructor is not enough, but also the communication skills and the attitude towards the candidate.

A negative attitude, lack of interest, and attention to other topics unrelated to training will create insecurity and knowledge gaps in the candidate. See what kind of ratings they left on google reviews. Don’t use this aspect only when renting an apartment, it can be useful in these situations as well.


Confidence is definitely needed in order to even give the impression to the examiners that you know something. It comes naturally with learning, especially if you’ve gone over everything and corrected mistakes with exercises. Then you have the feeling that you can get any task on the exam and that you will be able to cope.

However, do not be too sure of yourself, as this can equally have a bad effect on the level of attention. When you think you know everything and can do everything yourself, you are easily mistaken. Make sure you are doing certain things correctly and feel free to ask for help.

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