iPhone Spy App: #2 Ways to Reveal Hidden Secrets (No JailBreak)

Everyone wishes to find the hidden secret of their friends, family & other members.

But is it possible to do so?

Well, YES, indeed as you can find a person’s personal stuff like photos, chats, location on their mobile phones. Some you might think “it’s not possible as smartphone manufacturer provides enough security to secure a user’s data. “

Yeah! Yeah! I know but there is a way, you can spy on someone’s phone especially iPhone. You can do it using the iPhone spy app in 2 different ways that I will explain in the rest of the article.

What iPhone Spy App Can Do?

Before proceeding to the working of the iPhone spy app, allow me to introduce you with some of its brilliant features. Let’s begin:

  • Listen & record calls in real-time.
  • Monitor incoming & outcoming messages in chatting apps such as Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and so on.
  • Spy on others by tracking every keystroke on the device using iPhone Keylogger.
  • Take the picture or video around the surrounding of a device without the knowledge of the iPhone user. A possibility to take pictures or videos of the device’s surroundings;
  • Get access to every photo, videos or any file stored in the iPhone.
  • View SMS, bookmarks, emails, calendar & notes of the targeted device.
  • Easy installation process. All you have to do is follow all the steps one by one.
  • Find the real-time location of the iPhone using a real-time GPS tracker.

How to Spy on iPhone?

Now, when it comes to spying on others, you can do it in two different ways- using the iCloud or by installing the spy software on the target device. Let’s find out about these two methods:

Before proceeding ahead, let me make it clear to you. The first method does not require jailbreaking (allows installing the third-party app) an iPhone whereas, for the second method, you must have jailbreaked targeted device.

Spying without a Jailbreak device.

  • In order to use this method, make sure to have iCloud ID and password of the target device. Make sure, the device you want to target is synced to the iCloud.
  • Get physical access to the iPhone.
  • Go to the settings of the iOS device & log in to the iCloud using your Apple ID & password.
  • Voila! Now, you’re all set to spy on others.  With this method, you get access at all the iMessages, emails, incoming & outgoing messages, call details, locations, photos, videos, & so on.

Spying a Jailbroken iPhone

The second method to spy on your friend, family member, spouse or child is by installing an app called mSpy in your smartphone. However, in order to install this app, you need a Jailbreaked iPhone (Jailbreaking is similar to rooting in the Android).

After jailbreaking the iPhone, all you have to do is install the app & straightaway you can get access to private information such as incoming & outgoing messages or calls, photos, videos of a target device.

Frequently Asked Questions | iPhone Spy App

Q- Is it illegal to access someone’s private files?

A- Yeah! Obviously. It’s illegal to access someone’s personal files without any permissions.

Q- How I can jailbreak my iPhone or iPad?

A- You can jailbreak the iPhone or iPad using a complete guide by Digitaltrends.

Q- Is there any alternative of iPhone spy app mSpy?

A- Yeah! In fact, there’re plenty of other apps that you can use as an alternative of mSpy app. Some of them are Spyzie, spyvid & many more. You can check out some of these at this website and identify a cheating spouse!


That’s all for now. These are two ways that you can use to spy on your friends, family member, spouse or even your child. Using these spying methods, you can access private content such as photos, videos, live location, from a targeted iPhone.

In case you’re facing any error in any of the two methods then do let us know via the comments section. I will provide a solution as soon as possible.

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