LED Neon vs Glass Neon Signs: Major Differences

A lot of people do not actually understand the difference between regular and LED Neon lights. Therefore, if you thought that you are the only person who does not get this, do not worry – you are not alone. If you had a chance to read more about the topic which solution is better and should you use regular neon or glass neon light, you probably come across different opinions.

The Internet is full of myths that go around and people are emphasizing one option rather than the other even though they do not really know the crucial differences between them. In order to break all of those dilemmas, we decided to create a guide that will include all the crucial differences between these two options. In that way, you will identify which one will suit your preferences more. Let’s start with his breakdown article.

What is LED?

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Before we start with the differences, let’s explain first what LED light represents. In short, LED stands for light-emitting diode and it is considered a new and advanced type of lighting technology. As you can conclude since it is referred to as the latest technology it surely comes with some advantages over the traditional light sources. Some of those advantages include a longer lifetime, lower energy consumption, flexibility, enhanced physical robustness, and also quicker switching. Those are all the reasons why LED signs have become extremely popular in the last period. Therefore, they are more used than the traditional glass neons.

What is Neon?

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On the other hand, neon stands for novel gas. You will not believe this, but neon light has been used to fill the tubes of the original glass signs from the ’80s until today. The neon gas actually works by producing a bright reddish-orange color light. Even though tube lights that come with other colors are often considered neon, they are not. More precisely, they just use different novel gases or even fluorescent lighting colors in order to produce different color signs. Now, let’s talk about those crucial differences between these two options.

Material is different

The first thing that distinct these two light sign options is the material. Both of these options are creating light, however, the way they are achieving this and the way they are processed give each of these light options a unique visual perspective. As you can see on your own, the difference that is most obvious, refers to the fact that neon signs are using real glass tubing. On the other hand, LEd signs are designed in the way to use strips of many light-emitting diodes that give the illusion of that true neon effect. LED diodes are wrapped in a very protective way, so they are difficult to be fixed once they are broken.

Neon signs have been a popular form of advertising since the early 1900s. They were widely used in the 1920s and 30s to promote businesses and products. Today, neon signs continue to be popular for their unique and eye-catching look and are often used in bars, restaurants, and retail stores to create a vintage or retro feel. They can also be custom-made at EchoNeonStudio to display specific designs or messages, making them a versatile option for any business or event.

Their appeal is different

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When it comes to neon signs, you probably noticed how they remained highly popular in the business industry all around the globe. This is because the neon light emits is vibrant and unique. Just because of this so-called nostalgia factor, neon signs are having more glamour status and they are used for different purposes. In addition to that, neon signs are having a very appealing look, so if you are needing an option that will look creative and that will attract attention, you should decide on this option.

On the other hand, LED signs are popular because of their innovative technological feature. Additionally, they come with so many great advantages such as energy efficiency which means they are a much cheaper option. Despite that, Neon Signs can be custom designed for your own preferences. Therefore, you can choose your own sign based on your taste, preferences, and the purpose that you need the sign for. There are different Neon Lights trends, so if you want to try something new, you can decide on Echo Neon option.

Compared brightness

Many people have discussed which lighting form is better and brighter. In general, neon signs are casting a wide light source and they are illuminating in all directions. On the other hand, LED neon signs are a directional light source. In other words, this type of lighting is producing directed and forward light that is similar to a flashlight performance. Basically, you may hear that LED signs are called hot-spot lights, this is because they are producing inconsistent illumination.

Compared energy consumption

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The biggest advantage of LED lights is the fact that they are consuming significantly less energy than glass neons. In addition to this, their lifespan is highly longer. You can expect that LED light will last up to 50,000 hours. They are also a cheaper alternative. In general, this means that if your LED sign is turned on every day for 24 hours, it will last approximately six years. Also, you should know that LED lights are turning on immediately, while the neons are taking some time. Finally, one more thing that you should know is the fact that glass neons are going to be a big burden on electricity spending.

Compared safety

When it comes to the safety factor – led signs are considered a much safer option. As we said neon signs are created of glass which can be broken and can cause potential safety danger. Additionally, traditional neons are filled with gas and it can be dangerous if this gas leaks in the case neon breaks. On the contrary, LED neon signs can not overheat, which means that they are the perfect option for the home environment. You can be peaceful by placing your LED neon sign on a wall.

The flexibility of use

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One more important difference that you should know about is that when a glass sign is once fixed to a wall, it can not be easily moved to some other place. On the contrary, the LED neon signs are much more flexible than the glass ones when it comes to this factor. More precisely, the LED neon light signs will give you the freedom to select wherever you want to place them and to enjoy their appearance. Also, the LED neon sign can be effectively displayed even outdoors. They come with a remote feature that provides full control of the level of brightness and different lighting modes. That is not the case with the glass neon signs.

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