MTV Fires Jenelle Evans? Hires Jade Cline For Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 has returned with a new season. In case, you don’t know the new season of Teen Mom 2 will follow the lifestyle of previous cast members of 16 and Pregnant. Now, that they have become teen moms, there will be several new changes in their life. Besides, as far as viewers are concerned, the upcoming tv show will be a bit complicated for you as there are some changes in the main cast of the show.

“Can you make any guess?”

“Who is gone?” & “Who has replaced them in the show?”

Well, then continue reading to find out all your answers.

Who Will be Leaving Teen Mom 2?

Because of some of the serious controversies in the last season, Jenelle Evans will not be returning to teen mom 2.

“So, who will be her replacement?” That’s the main question here!

Well, the showrunners will introduce Jade Cline to the fans of teen mom 2. Do you know her or have seen her before?

Well, in case you don’t know, she was first introduced in the first season of Young & Pregnant. The previous show exhibited Jade’s struggle of raising her daughter Kloie Kenna Austin. At the time of season 1 of Young & Pregnant, she was in a relationship with the father of Kloie Sean Austin.

Do you want to see the mother-daughter duo in the Teen Mom 2 new season? Well, we still have some time left for the show. Till then, look at one of Jade’s Instagram with her daughter.

See how cute Kloie looks:


View this post on Instagram


Life with you is so special ?

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Jane & Sean Split?

If you have seen the first season of teen mom: young and pregnant, you might be aware with the fact that throughout the season, Sean fought with substance abuse.

Soon, their break up rumors started to spread out like a wildfire. However, the couple denied all the gossips. Later in Feb. 2019, both Jade & Sean split for good.

Recently, Jade appeared in the podcast of Coffee Canvos where she discussed how she landed into the Teen mom gig. Here’s what she has to say,” I’m at school and I’m out on a break and they were like, ‘Hey, we have someone that we want you to meet’.” She continued saying, “Kristen & Jamie came out (The producers of Young & Pregnant & Teen Mom 2) and they are like,” Hi, I’m Kristen from Teen Mom 2. We love you and we love your story so much, would you like to be on the show?

Moreover, she said that at that I was shocked & didn’t believe that a show that’s been around for 10 years is looking to cast me.

What Jane has to Say on her Teen Mom 2 Casting?

In an interview given to the PopCulture, she revealed her excitement level for joining the teen mom to star cast. She said,” I feel like this show’s been on for a long time, and I’m super surprised and happy people felt so highly of my story. I feel like everyone seems really happy. I feel like people appreciate how humble I am. I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes.”

She further added,“ I feel like I’m really excited, and I feel like it’s just a mindset to be happy. When you make mistakes, people respect you if you learn. Overall, I’m really excited for people just to watch the whole season and take away that I have grown and turned into such a great person and good woman, and I feel like I’ve been a great mother.”

Final Words

That’s all for now! Throughout the course of the filming of Young & Pregnant, Jade’s mother & stepfather were arrested on drug-related charges. Jade even refer to them as Binge addicts. Now, that she will be entering into the Teen mom 2 tv show, we will get to see how she battles her personal changes throughout the Teen mom 2 new season.

Besides, Jade is not the first reality star who replaced some in the teen mom franchise. Before her, Briana DeJesus first appeared in Teen Mom 3. Later, the series got canceled & she received a new role on teen mom 2 seasons 8.

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