9 Must-Visit Destinations in Trip to The Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical country in south-east asia. Located near the equator, the Philippines only has 2 seasons. Dry and wet.

In contrast to western countries, the Philippines has a very warm climate, especially around March, April, and May, which is the country’s summer season. The Philippines is an archipelago which means it is composed of many islands. Specifically, 7,107 islands stretching from the northern tip of Borneo.

The Philippines is also known for its hospitality. Filipinos are very warm and friendly to foreigners and very proud of their country and culture. According to Forbes, The Philippines is actually one of the world’s friendliest countries, which is a huge reason for someone to visit the country.

Communicating with the locals is also the least of any travelers worries because English is one one of the country’s official languages. It’s safe to say that most Filipinos can speak and understand English.

Another reason to visit the country is the cost of living in this country. Traveling, transportation, food, alcohol, and even lodging is much more affordable in the Philippines compared to other countries. The amount of $20.00 or P1,000.00 can actually take you a long way.

If all these reasons have already convinced the weary traveler in you, listed below are some of the best locations that you definitely need to visit if ever you find yourself traveling to the Philippines:

Must-Visit Destinations in Your Trip to the Philippines

1. Manila

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Going to Manila is a no-brainer. Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. When thinking about the Philippines, the average westerner would probably first think about beaches, forests, and sometimes even think about it as uncivilized. Perception would definitely change once visiting Manila. This city is full of buildings and skyscrapers. From street vendors to fine dining, virtually anything can be seen and experienced in Manila. There is no shortage of things to do when in Manila, however, the downside to this is it might take some time to travel from one point to another due to the heavy traffic during business hours.

2. Cebu

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Moving to the middle-part of the Philippines, an island province called Cebu City is another must-visit destination. Cebu is where the country’s second international airport is located, and the city is just all kinds of beautiful. In comparison to Manila, Cebu is a much smaller, yet similar city. The city showcases a mix of urban, rural, modern, and cultural elements with a number of beaches around it.

The activities that can be done here include diving, more specifically in Malapascua, which is considered to be the top one dive site in the Philippines.

3. Sagada

Source: pinoyadventurista.com

Sagada is located in the Cordillera Mountains in Central Luzon. The area is a paradise full of mountains and greenery. For travelers that love hiking, this is the perfect destination for you. There is a specific spot in Sagada, named Mount Ampaco, which has the highest peak in the region. This destination boasts a heavenly sight wherein you will find yourself literally in between the mountain and the clouds. It’s a must-visit destination and a worth-while experience.

4. Saud Beach, Pagudpud

Source: vigattintourism.com

Located in Ilocos Norte, Luzon. Saud Beach is a stellar beach that can take all your worries away. Saud Beach is home to refreshing clear light blue waters, white sand, with green palm trees all around. It’s considered one of the world’s best beaches by Slingo.com, and taking a well-deserved vacation to this location will surely give you a stress reset. Luxury hotels are also located in a comfortable distance from the shoreline, and the waves are definitely worth surfing on.

5. Boracay

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To foreigners, Boracay Island is one of the most well-known places in the Philippines. This is because of its white sand beaches. Boracay is considered the beach capital of the Philippines, with more than 12 white sand beaches to choose from. If relaxation is your main purpose in visiting the country, consider visiting this small island in the west coast of Visayas. The island is known for its many resorts and places to have a relaxing and fun time. Finding food and lodging is very easy even for tourists who do not have any appointments and reservations. Overall, visiting Boracay Island guarantees a worth-while and relaxing experience.

6. Baguio City

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Baguio City is located in the province of Benguet. It’s a highly urbanized city and is the provincial capital of the said province. Baguio is also known for being the summer capital of the Philippines due to its colder temperature compared to Manila. Many activities can be enjoyed in Baguio, like hiking, biking trails, horseback riding, and even playing golf. Aside from that, Baguio is also called the City of Pines because of the the rich scenery of pine forests,

7. Puerto Princesa

Source: howdoigo.asia

Puerto Princesa is located in Palawan Island. This place is a heavenly paradise. From rock islands, to caves, to beaches, and natural parks, Puerto Princesa is the place to be. It’s considered to be one of the hidden gems of the country. Some activities include kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, ziplining, hiking, and caving. Visiting the Subterranean River National Park lets you see an underground river and majestic limestone caves.

8. Coron Island

Coron Island is considered to be one of the top diving destinations in the world. Like Puerto Princesa, Coron is also located in the Palawan Island region. For travelers who are fond of diving, this is a must-visit location. A number of shipwrecks have occurred near the coast of Coron, and these preserved shipwrecks have been popular tourist spots due to their artistic and bizarre nature. The unique electric blue color of the water is definitely visually stunning and great for photos. There is a significant number of diving spots to choose from, and aside from shipwrecks, a former volcano with beautiful rock formations and fish called Barracuda Lake, is definitely a must-visit.

9. Siargao Island

Source: zubludiving.com

Siargao Island is located in the northeastern coast of Mindanao. Siargao is a teardrop-shaped island and is also known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. Siargao is a small island but the amount of experiences here is vast. The sights are heavenly, from rock formations, to waterfalls, to beaches, to hidden lakes. Siargao is definitely the place to be.

This island is home to a lot of exotic ocean life. Surfing has always been the top reasons to go to this island, but even if you’re not a surfer, consider going for an island-hopping trip to maximize your stay.

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