Detailed Guide about My Hero Academia: Season 4

We all feel relish watching superhero movies, shows, serials, irrespective of our age. When we talk about Superhero anime, then My Hero Academia stands out because of its tremendous popularity as shenon anime.

So, are you one of those who are fond of watching these kinds of superhero series.

If Yes…then you are on the right platform.

With its huge success of 3 seasons, My Hero Academia is back with its exciting 4 seasons. In this article, you will get to know about My Hero Academia, its release date, Characters, Where you can watch it, and many more. So, stay connected to unfold the new exciting journey of Superheros.

Before directly diving in all these details, let me know what is My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia

It is basically a superhero manga Japanese series. The series revolves around a small boy who wants to become a superhero and for this, he gets enrolled in a school for mentorship. Season 4 series is all about how he managed to gain this in a dominated area by Quirks.

It has already released its three blockbusting season, which was highly appreciated by its users. Based on its vast demand, My Hero Academia is back with its season 4.

My Hero Academia: Season 4

Season 4 My Hero Academia deals are the most crucial season of the series – “Shie Hassaikai.” In this series, the Villain is assassins who are so efficient, and they plan to erase the Quirks, and it creates a severe threat.

Release date of My Hero Academia: Season 4

Season 4 of My Hero Academia will be releasing on 12 October 2024, so get ready for flashy tournaments and fights.

Characters in Season 4:

Characters hold a unique position in the series as series revolve around it. Moreover, series get popularised with its stories and characters. So, let’s check some main characters of Season 4-


Lemillion which is often called as “buff Tintin” because of its appearance having an unusual facial design. He is a goofy kid who is always ready to help others. He has extraordinary powers and can travel through walls and has the ground to confuse this enemy. But, he can only turn himself invisible but his clothes, so he faces difficulties in it. Although he is an active, durable, and reliable kid and he gets training through Sir Nighteye.


He is a slovenly anime boy Tamaki Amajiki, aka Suneater, an anxious and clumsy boy. He faces towards wall whenever he gets nervous so that he tends to get better of himself.

Besides this, he is the strongest after Lemillion, and he can change his body according to the food that he is eating.


She is an optimistic sort of girl with a different hairstyle in the whole franchise. She has the power as she converts her energy into shockwaves and can blast them out.


He has the power to get stick to anything and can even force the object to sink in it.

Where you can stream My Hero Academia: Season 4

You can stream it on your android and ios device – Crunchyroll on your home consoles such as Playstation and Xbox One. Wondering what Crunchyroll is?

Crunchyroll is an American steaming provider mainly focusing on the steaming of anime, manga, and dorama series, movies.

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Final Words:

My Hero Academia is one of the popular anime series due to its flashy fights and tournaments and plots, which is back with the new season. It is worth watching series if you like superheroes series.

Hoping you get all your answer related to Season 4 if you still have a query or we have missed any vital point, let us know below. Moreover, if you want to know about any other series, let us know in the comment section.

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