NCIS Season 17 Spoilers: Ziva Returns to Save Gibbs?

Do you know Ziva David is freakin alive?

It’s already aired, The trailer of NCIS season 17. The first trailer of show makes everyone furious as it offered unexpected and unbelievable things. Yes, I said unbelievable as previously portlight things in the show become fake. Who knows there is much more to witness in NCIS season 17.

Most of us spent last 4 years believing that Ziva David was dead not just viewers. It includes Mark Herman who is playing the character of Gibbs but, we all were wrong. NCIS season 17 trailer doesn’t go so far that tells what happened? Where she was or what she did whole the time? The trailer just says one more thing Sahar a woman wants her dead due to some reason and now she is after Gibbs too.  

Gibbs Will Be Facing Biggest Threat of Life?

Still, there is a mystery in NCIS season 17 as we all know. Ziva has spent years hiding It will something notable to get her out after a long time. As you remember last season of NCIS, the threat that Ziva indicates to Gibbs can be crafted a way out to NCIS season 17. As most of the fans like I and you not going to believe it due to relation of both in previous seasons. 

One of my friend Gaur Vee thinks, that threat may be connected with Drug case which was investigated by Gibbs in Season 16. His fascination vacated dreadfully as Frank Cardea the producer of NCIS revealed that danger is going to be much more serious. Which means NCIS season 17 is going to be much bigger than what all drama created by the show. 

Cardea the producer of the show revealed in his latest interview that threat is essential as it will take back audience at the time of real death of Ziva. This explanation also clears that Gibbs is not hallucinating and the incident is going to take place in real storyline. 

As per me, there is not going to be so much change and Gibbs will continue to work on Drug Trade. Who knows NCIS season 17 will be action-packed and lead Gibbs to eliminate the deadly trade completely. Get ready to witness the twist as Ziva’s comeback is going to make show off track an will make some delay in real action.

Ziva’s Death

Pablo left the show in season 11 as she moved back to Isreal. Just after than. Ahmmm… It’s not just after it take few seasons. I am taking about Ziva death what you know about it? Nothing more than she was killed in a mortar attack.

Just after that the father also levied the show in season13. Fans like you it includes me as well who expected that soon reunion between Ziva and Tony. 

Still, no one has idea why she goes into hiding. In season 16, Bishop the first one to find out that Ziva is not dead. He did this miracle while checking old cases of Ziva to check further, he questioned Gibbs but still, there was no indication that Gibbs was aware of the fact. 

However, Cardea found saying that he will find out at that when Gibbs find out that Ziva is alive. That gives a signal that he was aware of the fact whole time. Do you know all these facts will be cleared in first 2 episodes of NCIS season 17. 

Latest Update NCIS Season 17

Well after going through above content many of you started speculation about Ziva’s death. The shooting of the show is still going on. There is a tweet showing NCIS stars Emily Wickershaw and Wilmer Valderrama in his famous red Jumpsuit. Being a hardcore NCIS fan I am aware that red jumpsuit is connected with the show and many starts portrayed the dress in last few years.

It was Abby Sciuto who made the red jumpsuit famous but still, several others stars picked up that to continue the legacy. Another pic shared a scene, Pablo sitting in the car with Wickersham including Ziva in action. It is expected that shoot is going to warp up soon of NCIS season 17 but it is confirmed that show will be broadcasted from September 24 only on CBS.

Final Words

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