4 Ways Our Personality Affects The Video Games We Play

Back in the day, playing games wasn’t for everyone. There was a limited amount of games, and it was predominantly something children did. The times have changed. We can witness it every day. Today, we have millions of games available. The number might even be bigger. The Internet did wonders for this sphere. You have PC games, games that come with consoles such as XBox and PlayStation, and of course mobile games. The last example is the one that comes in large numbers. As the matter of fact is that you can play games anytime, anywhere.

When the internet and mobile devices get developed to the extent they are now, gaming becomes so easy. Games have become available from the reach of our pockets. The best part is that today everyone plays. Kids, adults, males, females, toddlers, and our grandparents. There is a game for everyone available. All you need to do is to pick the right one. But, let’s talk a little bit about that choice. Not everyone likes the same games. The games we choose are influenced by the type of personality we have.

That’s right. Once the games became highly developed and available, science took a look at them. After all, the number of players grew, the number of games grew, and there was a great sample of people to create different surveys and experiments. Everyone concluded that the type of game you choose is greatly affected by the type of personality you possess. This is quite a scientific subject, but we won’t go into details too deeply. What we’re going to do is to talk about these four ways our personality affects the video games we play. If you want to test your persona with different games, you can do that here.

Extroverts and Violence

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As we said, many studies have been done on the subject of personality and gaming. Extroverts have it worse. It is concluded that they’re fans of violence. They are usually fans of games that are violent, have action, shoot people, and crash cars. So, if you find yourself loving the Call of Duty series, GTA, or World of Warcraft you, my friend, are an extrovert. Furthermore, you won’t be shy of taking on any challenge from other players, which also means that you’ll be focusing on a competitive sports game. The game of NFL Madden sounds right, yes? But, what extroverts love the most is the games that they can play in packs. WOW is a great example. They love these games, with the multiplayer setting as they can position themselves as leaders. Because of this, even strategic games such as Age of Empires or Rise of Nations are a great choice for someone who is an extrovert. If you love these games, you already know your personality.

Agreeable Personality and Adventures

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If you’re an agreeable person, you will find yourself seeking adventures. For them, it is all about playing and having a good time rather than competing with other players. This is why it is no surprise that you’ll be feeling averted from sports games. So, FIFA and PES are on the table for agreeable personalities. Any form of action or fighting game is also a no-go for this type of personality. But, when it comes to easygoing adventure games they will be first in line to play. What is important to notice is that while they do not like to compete with others, when it comes to competing with themselves agreeable personalities will rise to the challenge. For example, studies have shown that the majority of these players love to engage in games that are based on survival.

Conscientious Persona

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Can you even guess? It is not that hard. Players who have conscientious personalities love to engage in shooting games. This is quite interesting, only because gamers are a group that doesn’t engage too much with a conscience. Non-gamers are much more conscientious. But, when we talk about gamers, they’re not all the same when it comes to this type of personality. Conscientiousness comes in abundance with one specific type of player – those that enjoy simulators. Due to their state of mind, they adore games that are quite real. They are usually prone to manifesting high levels of concentration and commitment. Regardless of their love for games that are real, and include shooting and a bit of action, they are also in love with games that offer pure entertainment. This is where their love for the games that are based on first-person shooters. This is where they’ll consciously make strides to play, and play well. The more they play, the more they’ll work on improving their skills.

Neurotic Gamers

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Yes, there is that type too. It is quite an interesting bunch if you ask us. Only a few years ago it was not clear how neurotic personalities choose their gaming preferences. In recent years a few steps forward have been made. What’s known today is that they’ll avoid high-pressure intensity games. Violence is off the table too. Neurotic players love gaming, but not the stress that might come your way with some of the games that are popular today. But, what they love is a fair share of action and fighting. They will not back down from a challenge. FPS games are what they’ll seek first if given the right of choice. The one broad field that neurotic players tend to avoid these days are sports games. Old studies have shown that they might fancy them, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, their preferred choice for a game is the simulators. So, for people who are neurotic, or should we say persons with low emotional stability, simulators are great. They are the first choice due to the relaxed and predictable nature of the gameplay.

Bottom Line

We could go deeper into the depths of the human mind, but is there a need? We have covered those gaming preferences are influenced by the types of personality that are most common both among gamers and non-gamers. With this selection, we are sure you can already tell which group you belong to.

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