Five Top Tips When Renting a Car in the Netherlands

Traveling to a country for the first time is always exciting. Planning the trip months in advance and deciding what you will do once you get there is one of the best experiences you can have as the fun times are guaranteed and there is hardly anything that can ruin it. Getting a chance to meet the people and learn about their history and tradition is the best way to learn about the world and realize just how different every little corner of the globe is.

Getting Around the Place


Among the most prominent things worth planning out ahead is transportation. From the moment you touch down at the airport or arrive at the bus/train station, you have to think about how best to get around the city and see as much as you can. It greatly depends where you travel of course, but the means of transportation have to be well thought through. Somewhere, it will be the public transport that you will mostly use. If it is a smaller place, walking or cycling may be the answer. However, by far the best thing you can do is rent a car and drive wherever you want no matter how far.

Car Rentals are the Solution

Car renting has always been a popular practice since it was first introduced. There is so much you can do once you get yourself a set of wheels and the more beautiful the country and its cities, the better the decision seems. For example, if you are planning to head over to the Netherlands in the near future, a destination well known for its tulip fields, windmills, fantastic nightlife and artistic masterpieces, renting a car can be a great way of getting around without the hassle of using public transport. Even if you love cycling, it is not the best way to tour the country because you need something faster and more convenient. And if you want to make sure you get the best deal on a car rental Netherlands company, we have some fantastic tips to help you choose the right car rental company for you.

1. Do not Forget to Look at Budget Rental Companies


While it is a part of the human nature to only look at the first few hits on Google believing they have to be the best option to take, you should never disregard looking at smaller and cheaper car rental companies too. The extra few minutes you spend may just land you a bargain you were hoping to find. While not all smaller companies are cheaper, they do work extra hard to beat the giants in the fields and often have incredible deals and specials. They also tend to care about each individual customer more because they have fewer of them on average, meaning you get more attention from their employees.

2. Have a Look at Car Rental Comparisons Sites

If you are in a hurry and have no time to individually browse each car rental company you find or think of, price comparison sites can help you choose a car quickly in any country that you choose to visit. It compares the prices of car rentals and what is in their offer, and then allows you to book the car within a few simple clicks at the rental company of your choice.

When choosing a car rental comparison site, you want to look at how many companies they include and how many options they have. Other factors to consider is what additional search filters and options they include, such as air conditioning or offering manual or automatic cars. One last thing to consider is whether the site offers a ‘fair-fuel’ policy, something customers care about a lot.

A fair fuel policy ensures that you can return the car with the same amount of fuel that it had when you picked it up. This can be a full-to-full policy, which is easy to understand. Other companies offer a same-to-same policy, so if the fuel tank was half full, you need to return it half full, etc. If you choose a company using the latter, it is best to take a picture of the fuel gauge before you drive off.

If you are lucky enough, you may even find rentals who do not require you to fil up on fuel. Whatever you spend is fine so simply return the vehicle as it is after the rent is over. Some companies even allow you to pick the car up in one city and drop it off at their office or garage in the next city. This is great for those not looking to go back to where they already were.

3. Check the Companies’ Own Websites Too

Do not assume that you will always get the best deal on price comparison sites. Our research has proved that you can often find better and cheaper rates if you visit the company’s website directly. This is because the rental sites sometimes take a cut that is quite noticeable, making it cheaper to visit the main webpage of the rental company.
For instance, the Car rental company BBL Car rental offers both excellent deals and a very comprehensive website.

Of course, there are also a few other car rental companies operating in this area. So if you, for example, want to rent a car in the city of Eindhoven, you will see a whole host of local sites offering great value for money. For more information, you can visit BB&LCarRental.

4. Consider Whether You Really Need to Take Out Additional Insurance

Do not simply fall for the salesperson’s classic pitch and accept anything they throw at you in the form of an honest suggestion or recommendation. Your personal car insurance may often cover you when renting a car overseas. Your credit card may also often cover the charge of insurance. Do some research and make sure never to pay too much on insurance, because “that is how they get you” as the saying goes.

5. Compare Weekly and Daily Rates


Weekly rates are not always cheaper than daily rates, especially if you book early. Check the car rental’s fine print to determine what will be a better deal for you. You may not even need the car for a full week despite staying in the Netherlands for that amount of time. Do some calculations and plan out your trip in order to know how many days you wish to drive.

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