5 Signs Your Food Product Needs a Better Packaging Solution

Packaging of your food products is crucial for so many reasons. Above all, it provides protection of products (and consumers) from contamination by physical, chemical and microbiological factors. Good packaging will prevent moisture and toxins from entering the product and spoiling it. In addition to its protective role, food packaging also has an aesthetic, as well as an informative role. You want the packaging to attract consumers to try the food that is in it, and also to give them an insight into the value and priorities of the company. Finally, the packaging provides them information about the composition and energy value of food. If you haven’t updated your food packaging for a long time, today we are talking about a few signs that indicate that it is time to consider replacing it.

1. You haven’t changed the packaging in a very long time

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Many food producers are based on building a brand that will be recognizable and that will be an integral part of every consumer’s home. This is basically a good idea, but it certainly doesn’t mean that you should never change the packaging of your food product. The fact is that it is necessary to regularly update the packaging design so that most consumers find it aesthetically appealing and provide them with all the necessary information. It also needs to be practical and easy to use. The packaging design may have been top-notch when it saw the light of day a few decades ago, but if consumers think it’s worn out and needs refreshment, don’t resist, but embrace change and find the perfect solution. Times are changing, and with them the optimal design of food product packaging. The sooner you become aware of this, the sooner you will be able to provide your customers with the ideal packaging and attract new ones.

2. Packaging is not practical to use

When designing food packaging products, it is necessary to keep in mind that these products are used almost every day. This means that they need to be very practical to use, so that they do not represent a source of frustration to consumers. Unlike products that are bought once a month or once a year, food products are in daily contact with consumers, so if they are not user friendly, this can be very obvious.

For example, if consumers cannot close the package easily, or food is constantly spilled from it, it can be very frustrating. The same applies if the packaging does not allow simple pouring of food or they are very difficult to open. In case your consumers complain about some of these things, it is necessary to consider updating the packaging so that it is more practical. It may be a good idea to choose a stand up pouch or other type of packaging that keeps food safe and can be easily closed and manipulated with. If you want to test out stand up pouches for your food packaging, you can read more about it at www.hibags.com.

3. Your food packaging is not environment friendly

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One of the very current topics nowadays is the replacement of packaging from materials that are not environmentally friendly with packaging obtained from sustainable materials. The green or clean movement is gaining momentum and is making its way through all industries, including the food one. The goal is to raise consumer awareness as much as possible about the need to protect the environment and care for nature. And this can only be achieved by actions on a global level.

Today, there are a number of world standards that provide guidance on how packaging should be produced and disposed of and energy managed. These standards are not binding, but they are there for all those who want to change the direction of thinking and help nature. If the packaging of your food products is not environmentally friendly, it is a good idea to start thinking in that direction. In this way, you will surely earn the respect of your consumers and give your contribution to nature protection.

4. Your competition has changed their packaging

While you should never compare yourself to the competition and allow it to be your main benchmark in business, the fact is that there are some situations that should represent an alarm to you. In case you choose traditional packaging, it can be a good choice for a while. However, the moment you notice that all your competition is changing its packaging and updating the design, it’s time to start thinking in that direction. Otherwise, you may fall out of the market race and fall into the background, which you definitely want to avoid.

When you notice that the competition is changing its food packaging, you need to objectively look at the whole situation and conclude whether it is a good step. Sometimes other companies do clever things that end up being a failure. But if you see that they have done something that is truly revolutionary for your industry and shows great potential, we suggest that you do not wait too long, but that you throw yourself into action and make some practical changes to your food packaging.

5. There are cheaper and better options

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Many manufacturers continue to use the same packaging out of habit, just because this has been the case for decades, and does not take into account that there are better options. To be clear: better does not mean more expensive. Moreover, there are a large number of cheap and quality packaging options on offer today, so we suggest you consider them. Why not reduce your costs if possible? You think logically and for the benefit of your business, instead of making decisions by inertia, even when they are not good for your company.


Food packaging is very important for several reasons. First of all, it provides protection of food and consumers from poisoning, and it also has an aesthetic role. If you have been in the food industry for a long time, it is necessary to start thinking about replacing your packaging. Some of the signs that indicate that you have a realistic need for this are if the packaging isn’t environment friendly, or it isn’t practical enough. Also, if your competition has replaced packaging or there are cheaper and better options, you need to start thinking in the direction of updating your packaging and adding some refreshment in your offer. Your customers will certainly appreciate it.

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