How To Steam Fish Using An Instant Pot

Steaming fish using an instant pot makes a great dinner or lunch option. The nutrients from the fish improve your health and increase your productivity. Other methods of cooking fish lose more of the fish’s nutrients. When you steam the same type of fish using this recipe at Corrie Cooks in an instant pot, you will retain most of the nutrients.

The challenge most people face is how to steam the fish. We have done the tough job of researching on your behalf. This article is geared towards helping you steam your fish in an instant pot.

What Ingredients Do You Need?


The fish you are steaming is the primary ingredient for this dish. To prepare it, you will need one tablespoon of garlic that is finely minced. A tablespoon of freshly minced ginger and two tablespoons of rice wine will also come in handy. If you have soy sauce and fish sauce, scoop a full tablespoon of each ingredient, which you will combine with black pepper.

Two cups of clean water to help steam will be required. In addition to the minced ginger, make sure you julienne one tablespoon of ginger finely. The ginger must be fresh if you want to get a tasty flavor. You are also free to add any other ingredients and spices as you please.

How To Steam the Fish

Steaming fish using an instant pot is convenient since you can steam all types of fish, including frozen fish. You can also bring back some fish from a fishing trip and still cook it using an instant pot. Before you set the instant pot:

Consider the thickness of your fish.


If you are cooking thicker fish, make sure you set the instant pot allowing more steaming minutes.
If the fish is relatively small, set the pot to the standard steaming time.

The first stage is the marinade. Here, it would be best to get a baking dish that will fit the ingredients and fish, giving you an adequate allowance for mixing. Prepare the ingredients and add them to the container in your preferred order.

The fish and water will not be added together with the other ingredients. Mix all the ingredients until you have a fine mixture.

Add your fish and apply the mixture of the ingredients all over the fish. Alternatively, you can mix the fish with the ingredients without spilling them. Now let the fish soak in the mixture for about thirty minutes.

As the fish absorbs the flavor of the ingredients, prepare your instant pot. Make sure you clean and dry your steamer basket to eliminate any scents that may have been left by the previous meal.

Place the steamer basket at the bottom of your pot and pour water into the basket. The next step is carefully placing the now soaked fish in your steamer basket.

You want to avoid leaking steam, which will slow down the steaming process. For this reason, you must secure the instant pot’s lid firmly. Locate the seal position and ensure your lid is turned to that precise position.

Turn your attention to setting the instant pot. There are specific settings for steaming a fish that you must get strictly follow. Set your pot to the manual function, which will give you better control over the steaming process. Now press the Low-Pressure function button and allow your fish to cook for around two minutes.


You mustn’t adjust the lid during the two minutes to avoid losing essential cooking power. If you want to observe how your fish is being steamed, look through the glass lid.

Once you are satisfied that your fish is well cooked, press the cancel button on your instant pot. The release must be quick. Allow the fish to rest in the pot before you remove your instant pot’s lid.

Use that time to mix additional ingredients. Get a small bowl and add one tablespoon of clean water. The next step is adding ginger and wine combined with soy sauce. Now mix them carefully in the bowl, avoiding unnecessary spillage.

Be careful as you remove the lid since the hot steam may burn you. Remove the steamed fish and place it on a serving plate. Pour the ginger mixture you have made in the small bowl over your fish.

If you have a scallion, arrange it creatively on the fish. Next, use a frying pan to heat some oil slightly. You can set your cooker to medium heat to avoid overheating the oil. Pour the heated oil on your steamed fish.

Serve the fish hot with your preferred accompaniments.

Final Verdict

Steaming a fish in an instant pot is fitting since you get to reap the health benefits of all the fish’s nutrients. An instant pot is also easy to use because you only require to set it to your desired time and cooking functions. For safety reasons, be careful when removing the lid and fish after cooking.

Once you have followed the guidelines in this article, your fish will be steamed to perfection. Additionally, you will save both money and time.

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