Why Are Steam Irons Good?

The modern-day iron market is filled with a ton of different options. Picking the right one can get tough and if you don’t have much information about the pros and cons of iron, you are likely to make the wrong selection. Therefore, it is critical for you to know the ins and outs of irons, which makes an iron good, and take a look at some of the top iron picks before you finalise your choice.

If you consider the irons, they are generally categorized as the steam irons and dry irons. Here, we will take a look at why are steam irons good and what makes them better as compared to the other models in the market.

Faster ironing

The first edge steam iron gives over traditional irons is the pace. If you have to iron several clothes, it may take your whole afternoon. Moreover, different clothes require different kinds of pressure and time. Getting rid of the tough wrinkles from your clothes can be tiresome and you need to move the iron here and there, consistently before you can get rid of it.

However, with steam irons, all you need is a burst of steam and you are likely to get over with the wrinkles in half the time. So, the process gets faster as you can move iron here and there with the pace without worrying about hard to remove creases.

Cord design

Steam irons come with a good cord length. Most of them offer you a great turning angle and you are able to put them at a good distance away from the power socket and use it more freely. Moreover, some models also offer you retractable cords, making it easy for you to store the iron.

However, if you take a look at the dry models, they generally have smaller cords and you are likely to have to place them near power supply sockets. Also, the rotating angle might be lesser so you won’t be able to move around that freely.

Weight and size

Weight and size of iron matters a lot as you think about purchasing it. If you look at traditional dry irons, they are bulky and require a decent amount of power to be lifted and moved across the clothes. However, the steam irons are lighter in weight and compact in size, giving you a chance to use them for an extended period of time without putting a strain on your arm.

However, the modern-day dry irons are also lightweight, giving you a chance to pick them without worrying about their bulkiness. Still, considering the features and utility, the steam models may have an edge.


One of the most notable and important elements of iron is its soleplate. How good your iron will largely depend on its soleplate and how it is going to function. Generally, the steam irons have non-stick stainless steel soleplates which provide you a smooth glide over various fabrics. Moreover, the even heat distribution and thorough steaming are a few other soleplate options that you’ll have in steam irons. It gives you an option of flawless ironing and removal of creases becomes an easy task.

Also, the soleplates come with auto-cleaning function. Anti-calc function prevents the build-up of lime while you get a cleaner and lime-free soleplate that won’t stain your clothes.

Auto-shut features

The steam irons are better designed to function in case of accidents. They usually come with a three-way auto shut feature. So, if the iron is knocked down, it will shut off immediately. On the sides, or when placed with plate facing downwards, it will shut down after a particular time. Moreover, if you put it at rest, it will stay turned on for a few minutes before shutting itself off. All these features come in very handy to prevent accidents.

Steam generation options

Depending on the iron you select, most of the models give you various steam generation features. Apart from the normal steam generation, they offer you stronger steam and a steam burst to get rid of tough wrinkles. Moreover, they may also give you vertical steaming function, making it possible for you to iron vertically hanging clothes such as draping and curtains.

However, do note that the steaming power of different irons varies. So, you need to be careful in your choice. Don’t always go for the heavy steamers. Make sure to take a look at the type of clothes you’ll be dealing with for most of the time as you pick a steam iron.

Final words

So, these are a few benefits of using steam iron over the traditional irons. Whenever selecting an iron, take a good look at its features. Weigh them in concern with your requirements and make sure they satisfy your needs as you finalise your purchase.


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