US vs. UK Vaping Regulations Explained 2024

It’s quite apparent that vaping took a quick rise in the world, as many people started to take up these stylish devices. However, vaping isn’t entirely healthy for its users, and it has been becoming very common among youngsters.
With the fast rise, the laws surrounding vape devices keep changing in different countries. While many countries in the world are still managing it, the UK has done quite an excellent job of regulating vapes. On the other hand, the US is still a little behind on implementing more strict controls on vaping.

But how the UK regulations compare against the existing US laws? Let’s get into the details.



The MHRA is an agency that is the UK equivalent of the US’s FDA. It stands for Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. The agency has set many rules for regulating vapes or e-cigarettes throughout the UK.

Before any e-cigarette or e-liquid is sold on the internet or in stores inside of the UK, it has to be registered with the MHRA. This means that the government will go through every single product through a fine-toothed comb to make sure that it follows the set laws. It is aimed at increasing transparency and regulating vape devices.

While the US also has a similar process to regulate the vapes and their juices, it has yet to be put into effect. This requirement is a massive issue for the manufacturers in the states, and it can also have some significant differences in the market once it comes into full effect.

This requirement is an instrumental process that allows each user to find out whether the product they are about to purchase meets the minimum regulations or not.

The Tank Capacity of an E-Cigarette

The UK has set a limit on the capacity of the e-cigarette tanks. No user in the UK is allowed to have refillable e-cigarette tanks larger than 2 ml. While this significantly limits the amount of vape juice contained in the reusable vapes at any time, the disposable vapes are still a question mark.

This might be having quite an impact on vape users across the UK. They will now have to fill their tanks much more frequently and carry e-juices with them.

The people against the move are obviously arguing that this particular step might discourage vaping, as users will have to go through more trouble.

This step was only taken in the UK, and the US hasn’t even come close to anything like this so far.

The Quantities of E-Liquids


Many people like to purchase large quantities of e-liquids and keep them in their homes. It could either be because they don’t want to visit stores very often or that their favorite limited edition juice was about to run out in the stores. But users can no longer buy in large quantities from V2 Cigs or any of their favorite retailers in the UK.

The UK government is not allowing retailers to sell more than 10ml to any consumer. That is majorly affecting the people who bought many at a time previously. While that means people do have the option to purchase several smaller containers of e-liquid at once, it will definitely come with an added hassle.

Currently, the US Food and Drink Authority has not spoken of any regulations that sound like this. Also, there haven’t been any speeches or whispers that would indicate a future implementation of such a step.

The Strength of Nicotine

Since the e-cigarettes were initially marketed as products that could help tobacco cigarette smokers quit their unhealthy habit, the UK has been trying its best to promote it as much as it can. But the limitations set on the strength of nicotine allowed in vape juices might be a concern.

The maximum nicotine strength of e-liquids currently allowed in the UK is 20mg/ml. For any person addicted to smoking heavily, this nicotine concentration might not be enough to fill their cravings. That is why smokers who were thinking about switching to vaping to quit their habits are thinking again.

However, the government is allowing pharmacies to prescribe e-cigarettes for smokers. If the product is registered as a medication or medicine, then higher strengths can be available for those carrying a prescription.

On the other end of the Atlantic, no such regulations have been implemented. But if the US government does enforce it, the rule may affect the industry extensively.

The Packaging of the Products Containing Nicotine


The UK is not kidding when it comes to taking regulatory measures.

There was a significant concern about the safety of children in a home where nicotine-based e-juices are present. Since they are kids, they could find secret hiding places and drink the juice from the bottle. That wouldn’t be preferable.

The UK government made it mandatory for products containing nicotine to have proper packaging that needs to be leak-proof, child-resistant, and also tamper-evident. While this might be a headache for the manufacturers, it can be very beneficial for e-cigarettes because people might have a better perception of them now.

While the US has not done anything like this so far, it could be incredibly useful for the population.

The Labelling Requirements

Cigarettes contain many harmful substances, which is why they have a clear health warning for anyone interested in purchasing the products. Now, the UK government wants all the vape juices that contain even a hint of nicotine to indicate a clear health warning on the packaging.

Since nicotine is highly addictive, the e-juices that contain any nicotine concentration will have to mention that on the products.

The US only requires tobacco cigarette manufacturers to have a health warning, which is why there is some speculation that they could implement this rule as well.

The Banning Of Particular Ingredients

In the UK, the FMRA has banned many ingredients from e-liquids. These contain substances like taurine, caffeine, and colorings.

While it is not yet implemented in the US, the FDA might take this action sooner than later.

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