What Is Fellatio, and What Does It Mean to Give or Receive Fellatio?

Fellatio is a fancy word to say oral sex. Fellatio or oral sex can be one of the most intimate and satisfying things that your partner experiences with you, if they enjoy receiving fellatio. However, they may not know yet that they enjoy the pleasure of fellatio. When you perform fellatio on your male partner, it is called sucking dick or giving a blow job.

What is fellatio?

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Oral sex is a practice that involves stimulating different parts of the genitals using the tongue, hands, and lips, on either sex, however fellatio typically refers to oral sex on a male partner.

How do you perform it?

Typically, the lips and tongue are utilized, but the hands can add great pleasure at the same time and take the pressure off of your mouth. For some, oral sex in itself is enough pleasure for them to be completely satisfied. For others, oral sex may just be used as foreplay to add to the experience. Others may utilize oral sex so that they can orgasm, but still want to enjoy penetrative sex. There are also some partners who may have had bad experiences in the past with oral sex, so remember that patience is key in trying things that are new to your partner!.

Either way, if your partner enjoys fellatio or oral sex, then doing it well will either lead to an amazing orgasm, or at the very least help your partner get lost in the moment. Both outcomes are incredible for your partner to experience, and for you to give. It can be powerful to have someone quivering with pleasure because of your skills.

Fellatio can be painful, tedious, and time consuming for some, especially if you aren’t used to using your mouth in these ways. There are some people who may experience jaw pain or even lock jaw when performing fellatio. It is so important to take your time and a break if your jaw begins to hurt you. Put each other’s pleasure first and be sure to maintain your own safety if you are uncomfortable. There’s no pleasure in giving pleasure while you are in pain! It’s just as important to ask your partner what it is that they like, as they may not like everything you are giving. For example – your partner may only want you to focus on the tip of their penis, and not the entire shaft. They may want you to insert their shaft fully in your mouth, or they may want more hand motion with their penis than they want sucking motion. Or some people choose to use oral sex toys from V For Vibes to enhance the whole experience.

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Remember that you both have to practice to figure out what the best feeling pleasure points are for the both of you. It’s ok for oral to be a learning experience, so do not rush it, but with time, patience, and practice, it will get so much better! There are also many fun and kinky ways to give oral.

For example, one fun method of oral sexual play is called face sitting. In face sitting, your partner literally sits on your face, essentially riding your mouth, while you pleasure them orally. This can be very fun when done right, and creates a very naughty and sexy atmosphere. While this is usually performed by a woman sitting on a males face, it works very well for fellatio on a male partner as well.

Your partner may not immediately warm up to the idea of giving or receiving oral sex. That’s ok too! You may be open to giving but not receiving, or maybe your partner is open to giving but not receiving. Try not to hyperfixate on this – it does not mean they don’t like your body. You have to remember that it can be nerve wracking to try something new, and you each may feel self conscious about your genital region. You may feel like your genitals smell or taste bad. You may feel like your genital area looks weird. Trust us, there is no set smell, taste, or look to anyone’s genitals, and your partner will just be thinking about pleasuring you. Do not get too caught up in your own mind about this as it takes away from the experience.

How Do I Give Fellatio?

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Getting in the mood for oral pleasure can take time. Try to start slowly, and ask each other what you like and what you want to try. Be certain to ask what each other doesn’t like as well. Communicate throughout so that you can both know that you are feeling good, and enjoying the experience together. Eventually, both of you will become so comfortable that fellatio becomes almost second nature to each other and you do not have to ask what you both like! Remember that every person is different, and what your partner likes may be very different from what a previous partner liked or disliked.

Remember to try your best to pay attention to your partner’s body language and verbal cues. Your partner may not feel comfortable moaning, but their breath and moans, and slight movements, can truly show you what he or she is enjoying. If you see she or he enjoys it, don’t stop or try to change what you are doing. This means it feels good! Don’t change what you’re doing! This doesn’t mean to go faster or harder, or suck more..

For fellatio to be effective and pleasurable, you both need to be completely open, communicate with each other, and remember to be patient with each other. Every partner is different, and every partner takes a different amount of time to warm up to this kind of pleasure. Don’t stress and don’t panic. Remember to breathe, and know that fellatio is a fun and intimate experience to have with your partner.

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