How to Use Subscription Services To Save Time on Appointments

Time is perhaps the greatest currency in the world. Nothing else has the same trade-off implications. You trade a portion of your life when choosing how you’re going to spend your time. Is waiting in line at the doctor’s office or grocery store how you’d like to use it?

Once your time is spent, it cannot be reallocated to a different activity. That’s why using your time wisely each day is a key part of success. There are many responsibilities or obligations in life that demand a portion of your time. Personal matters, business responsibilities, even human needs such as hunger and sleep take time. It’s up to you to find the right balance.

You don’t have to do this alone, however. There are many tools that can help you save time each day, including select subscription services and memberships. Here’s how a couple of monthly payments can prove their worth by saving you time:

Order Products Online


Amazon is an extremely popular service. This behemoth of a corporation provides a membership that ensures packages are delivered to your door in as little as two days. They also allow users to subscribe to particular products to get them delivered on a regular basis. This often comes with a discount as well. This is part of the wave of online shopping that has taken control of consumer behavior in recent years.

Amazon isn’t the only company using a subscription service to their advantage. You can find similar services for the more niche products that you need regularly. You can get a regular shipment of your desired item, saving you the time it would take to fill up a monthly shopping cart.

Take prescriptions, for example. Oftentimes getting a prescription means making an appointment and planning a trip to the pharmacy. With an online subscription for common medications like birth control and acne treatments, you can get these ordered and delivered like clockwork. You won’t have to worry about getting your next dose and you don’t have to spend extra time acquiring it.

If you’re interested in getting prescriptions such as birth control through an online subscription you can get more information here. These subscriptions are both affordable and accessible. There’s even discrete packaging to ensure your privacy.

Focus on Your Health


Taking care of your body takes a lot more time than you realize. Going to the gym, meal planning, and even getting a good night’s sleep requires concentrated effort. You can attempt to tackle all of this on your own, or you can use subscription services to regain focus on your health.

Let’s start by taking a look at in-home fitness. Not only can you skip a drive to the gym, but you’ll have access to quick and effective workout plans that fit your schedule. A guided, 30-minute workout at home can be added to your schedule nicely while still getting you fit. Make this a part of your morning routine and you should see some great results.

Other subscription plans available can help cover meal planning. HelloFresh and Blue Apron, for example, allow you to choose meals for the week, and then they deliver ingredients. No more wasting time deciding what’s for dinner, and you also save time by avoiding the grocery store. This can also save money because you have exactly what you need without any wasted surplus or impulse purchases. Using these services allows you to put in a full shift at work, spend time with family, and still stay healthy.

Skip the Lines


If you tried to estimate how much of your life was spent waiting in lines, would you be happy with the answer? Chances are you won’t be. Any line can be considered a bad line, especially when you have places to be and things to do.

If you’re a frequent flier, signing up for TSA PreCheck can get you through security lines with ease. There are similar passes for amusement parks and other local attractions if that’s something you enjoy attending frequently. You can even get a fast pass at a car wash if that’s something you do regularly. Less time in line means more time having fun or being productive.

You can even get creative with some other subscription services. Streaming platforms, for instance, eliminate lines at crowded movie theaters. While the two experiences aren’t perfectly comparable, watching a movie at home can save time by limiting waiting and travel.

Be Entertained in New Ways


Subscription services help cut down on the tasks you have to do, they can also help you find new things you want to do. When it comes to entertainment and subscription services, most people immediately think of Netflix, but there’s so much more out there. There are so many options for services now that can include surprise items and activities.

For example, there are boxes full of international snacks that have quirky flavors and surprises. Book subscriptions are popular amongst readers because they include a surprise novel each month. There are even boxes that have mysteries to solve or fun dates to go on with your significant other. These boxes can ensure you’re making the most of your time rather than sitting around bored. They also can save you time if you struggle with planning activities.

There are a lot of ways subscriptions can bring ease and fun into your life. Sometimes opening those packages is like getting a little present for yourself. However, remember to only keep a subscription if you are actively using it. These can pile up overtime and turn into quite the monthly payment if not cycled through properly. Take the time to go through your subscription services and keep the ones that are helping you save time and improve your life.

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