What Do Your Sunglasses Say About You – 2024 Guide

As much as the sun is useful to man, so much can it be dangerous. It is a well-known fact that we must protect our skin from the sun, due to damage that can result in very serious diseases.
Sunlight has the same effect on our eyes. Both ultraviolet and part of the visible light (blue light) can cause damage to the optic nerve and the lens of the eye (cataract). Sun protection is needed by our eyes both on sunny days and during winter and cloudy days.

Sunglasses would definitely be a winner in choosing the best fashion accessories. How could we not love them when they allow us to avoid (when we want to) eye contact, as well as unpleasant looks from strangers. They help us to be cool even after a sleepless night, an unplanned hangover, or to simply, with their help, pick up a clothing combination. Apart from the fact that this fashion accessory can sometimes serve as a screen from other views, sunglasses are in a way an introduction to the first impression of your personality. The frame for eyeglasses, but also the one for sunglasses can say a lot about you. If you want to look sophisticated, fun, youthful, conservative, or fashion-conscious, the right glasses can help you with that.

Unlike most other organs, the eyes do not have the ability to recover after a harmful event. Intense sunlight can cause eye damage, the sensitivity of which is enhanced by taking certain medications. Therefore, it is very important to protect your eyesight in time, and one of the ways to do that is to wear appropriate sunglasses. So, we can say EyeOns are a must-have no matter what style you prefer.

Sunny days also require appropriate eye protection – sunglasses. It is a problem for many to choose the ideal sunglasses. It is often difficult to match a nice design and the right price and usually one of the two fails. Sometimes both the design and the price may fit, but a third problem arises – the frame just doesn’t fit the way you envisioned.

The eternal question:

How to choose glasses according to the shape of the face?

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When choosing glasses you should consider the following:

  • Glasses should highlight your positive qualities (like choosing a blue frame to accentuate your blue eyes)
  • The frame of the glasses should contrast with the shape of your face
  • The size of the frame should fit your face

If you want to leave the impression of a serious person, opt for glasses of oval, rectangular, or frames of classic colors. If you want to express your creative side, choose modern glasses with geometric designs of unusual colors such as green, blue or purple. Frames of unusual patterns are also available to you. If you need glasses for your “normal” life or sports, choose glasses in light and neon colors, but with polarized lenses.

The sunglasses will say a lot about your personality

img source: unsplash.com

For example, women who like cat-eye glasses love romance and retro style. This shape exudes incredible femininity and guess what – it’s back in fashion! The best thing about them is that they fit almost any face shape perfectly. Girls who wear cat-shaped sunglasses are very often raised like princesses and have the status of a diva in their family, and are extremely concerned about their appearance.

If you are a person who loves nature, freedom, socializing, art, and your glasses will say the same. Unusual shapes, bright colors, larger frames, and interesting details are available at various prices from many brands. Maybe you prefer a nerdy or retro look? A modern frame with lots of colors? Responsible, intellectual style? Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Polygonal frames are very attractive, and it’s great that you can’t go wrong with them. People who wear such a frame shape are calm, cool, and measured. They usually have a refined taste and sense of style, they are very relaxed by nature.

The famous Lennon glasses, named after a famous singer who liked to wear them, go with people who are adorned with intelligence. In addition, the person wearing them is truly special and possesses one small but a sweet dose of sexuality.

img source: unsplash.com

The big black frame of the glasses has become a real hit in the last few years. It is believed that people who choose this form possess a certain dose of sex appeal and have a need to emphasize some of the fashion details. A little black dress and sunglasses like this – a complete hit!

People who choose Ray-ban glasses exude elegance, sticking to a classic that is anything but boring.

Serious business people will often choose oval or rectangular glasses, and we will often notice the designer logo in the corner.

The athlete will complete their look with bright or neon colors, with polarized lenses that reduce water reflection. So, sunglasses can say a lot more about you than you think.

When choosing sunglasses, it is not the color of the glass or plastic that is chosen that is important, but the quality of the material. It is not recommended to buy low-quality plastic from the stands, because it distorts the image, tires the eyes and, as a rule, does not have 100% UV protection. Good sunglasses are made of quality plastic and different protective layers can be applied to it, so it becomes resistant to scratches as well as glare.

The price does not necessarily have to be a guarantee of quality – sometimes the price is high due to the fact that these are well-known fashion brands. But the cheaper variants of sunglasses that can be found on sale outside of optics are most often of poorer workmanship and poorer quality.

Final thoughts

When buying sunglasses, you should take into account the shape that suits your style and your face, but it is even more important to choose those with appropriate glasses that will provide you with the necessary protection from harmful UV radiation.

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