How To Match Sunglasses With Your Styles

Nowadays, sunglasses have become one of the essential fashion accessories. And everyone wishes to get a perfect pair of sunglasses for them. But choosing a nice pair of sunglasses is not an easy task. You need to look at your face shape and choose the best sunglasses that suit you in glasses stores like Lensmart.

Moreover, you also need to see what you are wearing. There are sunglasses for all occasions. If you wish to look casual, there is a separate segment for casual sunglasses. However, if you wear sunglasses for a formal event, you need to look at the formal segment.

Develop Consistent Look

Match your sunglasses with your overall outfit. When you play with different patterns, it will help you in maintaining a consistent look. Matching sunglasses with your outfit does not always mean that you must have a large collection of dresses and sunglasses. Only a few can help you in matching and creating a certain outlook.

For instance, you can match the cat-eye sunglasses with the colorful outfit, as it will add a playful look to your appearance. Oval sunglasses will bring the classic vintage style. Likewise, you can create your own fashion.

Types Of Sunglasses


To perfectly match your attire with the trendy glasses, you must first know all about the different types of sunglasses and which one suits your face type best.

1. Aviator Sunglasses

These frames have originated in the US for fighter pilots. Now they have become the most trending sunglasses. The sleek frames with simple lining result in creating a classic and classy style.

2. Wayfarer Sunglasses

Persol sunglasses are considered to be the best and trendy wayfarer sunglasses. These are the most versatile sunglasses for round, oval, or rectangular faces. Once you put it on your face, it will give you cool effects effortlessly.

3. Retro Sunglasses

These sunglasses have box-like lenses and are easily recognized due to their thick frames and arms. This type of glass perfectly suits the oblong or rectangular faces.

4. Browline Sunglasses

Browline glasses offer retro vibes and are designed with thick frames at the top of the lenses and narrow down to the rim at the bottom. These sunglasses are best suited for diamond and oval face shapes.

5. Club master

They are one of the variations of Browline sunglasses. They are stylish and easily notable. They are generally made of plastic and give a bolder look on the upper frame. Oval, rectangular, and round faces must try this frame to enhance their outlook.

Avoid Clashes Of Sunglasses With Your Style


This mistake is often made by the downtown business district, where the people usually dress elegantly for their work. But they forget to match their sunglasses, which ruins the overall attire. So whenever you are wearing a suit or any formal dress, get classy sunglasses like retro sunglasses or round sunglasses. Leave the sporty sunglasses, like wrap-around glasses, at home.

However, if you are preparing to go to an informal party or meeting, you can switch to formal sunglasses, which comply with the occasion and don’t make you look odd. For instance, if you wear cat-eye sunglasses to a sports event, you would be the only one sitting there wearing those sunglasses. Moreover, you should also consider your hair color while choosing a pair of sunglasses for yourself.

Choosing Sunglasses Based On Hair Color

If you are a Red-headed individual, you should preferably wear sunglasses with green, wine, and blue-colored frame and lens colors. Choosing the right shade of the lens will surely compliment the rich textures of your hair. However, if you have blond-colored hair, you can choose to wear a lens of pastel pinks, golden, silver, pastel brown colors. You can also select black-colored frames for yourself. And if you have black hair, you can choose any shade of lens for yourself.

These are the types of sunglasses that you can match with your outfit. The lens of the sunglasses also comes in various colors, which you can choose depending on your hair and eye color. Furthermore, while choosing for yourself, you should ensure that you don’t mix odd colors. Try to sync your sunglasses with your overall outfit to have a fabulous look.

A new set of cool glass frames can make a crazy difference to your look. You must have noticed how a glass wearer automatically seems to be more intellectual and elegant. But most of the time, they are just trying to see things clearly through the corrective lenses.

Effortlessly cool, right?


That’s because glasses can do more than assist your vision; they can add style to your personality. Yes, you can easily get your prescribed lenses embedded within a cool frame, and your stylish glasses are ready.

But, how to find a cool frame? We have listed down some coolest glass frames available in the market that will definitely add more glamour to your personality. Go through them and choose the most suitable cool frame for your style.

The unique design can be easily distinguished from others in the crowd. While the big lenses add drama, the thin metal frame adds class, sophistication, and elegance to the glasses.

Do you know the best thing about them? The availability of color options. You can choose from a bunch of classic metal colors like golden, black, silver, rose gold, and more.

A thinner frame would do well for the vintage look; otherwise, you can keep it thick and noticeable.

What’s your choice?

It could be a tough task picking one from the above-mentioned list. However, considering some common yet significant factors can make the task easier.

You can consider your face shape, your facial tone, your taste in styling, and other such things. Also, the patterns, colors, or print you decide for your frame must be appropriate for your profession.

Always remember, taking away the attention does not always mean being the coolest in the room. Maybe, you just end up looking odd and dramatic if you do not make proper considerations before deciding your pair of glasses.

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