Canadian Online Casino Industry – From a to Z

In today’s world, people can gamble from the comfort of their homes or even when they are on the go, wherever they live. There are some parts of the world with strict gambling laws, but the situation now is not like the one from a couple of years ago.

Many countries went through drastic legislative changes regarding gambling, so now that they are over, people can use many different websites. Canada is a good example here because the state had conservative gambling laws before. Following the changes, there are many different kinds of sites to choose from. Golden Tiger Casino, according to Silentbet, is probably the best casino in the country because of what it offers, but many other operators provide all kinds of services.

Speaking of the many sites that clients can try out, there are many questions about the Canadian iGaming business that does not have answers, and this article will try to solve that. Those interested in using a site in the country will probably learn a lot of interesting facts.

The changes to sports betting


Wagering on sports is huge in all parts of the globe, especially in Europe, where people can use the hottest online bookmakers. Interestingly, a lot of them come from the UK, which is where gambling has been legal for many years, and there are tons of different websites.

In terms of sports betting in Canada, this thing has been legal for many years, but there is a catch. Players who wanted to wager on sports had to place a bet on multiple events because single bets were not allowed. In other words, websites only allowed parlay bets, which is not something that everyone was keen on.

After several years of back-and-forth, in the end, the legislators decided it was time to step up their game and allow the single sports bet. It seems like people did not expect this decision to have such a massive impact on the industry, but once the changes took place, many new iGaming brands decided to apply for a license in Canada.

Today, people who like sports and want to bet on them can find everything they want in a matter of seconds. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this region and see whether there will be a negative impact in the long run, similar to what’s happening in the UK. More and more people there have problems with gambling, which is why the country may decide to take drastic measures soon.

Casino websites have been available for years

Although the situation with sports betting was strange, this wasn’t the case with online casinos. Not that many of the premium brands were available in Canada, but locals who wanted to play slots and try out loads of other things always had access to offshore operators. The latter are registered in other parts of the world, but thanks to their flexible license, they are available worldwide.

In most cases, the offshore operators are in most countries’ “grey area”, so they’re not illegal, but they are not legit either. Nevertheless, this does not prevent people from using their services because most of these casino sites have a lot to offer.

These kinds of operators are also available today, but Canadian gaming fans do not need to use them because many licensed companies provide their services legally. Some of these sites are available in all provinces, whereas others only focus on a specific area in the country, such as Ontario.

Those who are unsure whether the site they’ve chosen has real permission can visit Canada’s regulators and check the list. Every gambling commission contains a list of all websites for gambling with active permission. Players can even learn things, such as when the license was acquired.

The situation with the customer supports


Every gambling region is different, and Canada is not an exception because the operators that want to be successful here must keep an eye on some important things. One of them is the customer support department because local gamblers rely on it to find more information about what they need.

Users who compare casinos in Canada and those in other countries will notice that there are significant differences in customer support options. Canadians use this department regularly, so online operators with casino games and sports betting services must provide better options.

Naturally, users will find a live chat and email because these options have become a standard in the industry. The bad news is that not everyone likes using them, so the big brands in iGaming also need to offer a phone number, as well as a virtual assistant. The latter is not that advanced yet, but since AI will become widespread among online gambling websites in the future, it is just a matter of time before this option becomes more popular.

The bonuses

Like all online casino sites, bonuses have a key role in their success because it allows them to focus people’s attention on their best products. Canadian casinos copy what they see in operators that work in other countries, so they also have a wide range of promotions. However, these bonuses are slightly different in terms of what they provide and the rules they have.

When it comes down to the perks they give, the offers usually have free spins because Canadians like playing slots. However, this is not the only rule because offers grant extra cash to be used on table games and titles with real croupiers.

In terms of the rules of these promos, all of them will be in CAD, and they will have slightly lower playthrough requirements than usual. Since most Canadian casinos are new, they are trying to win people’s trust by offering attractive promotions. That’s why some of the offers for Canadian players seem a lot more appealing than those found elsewhere. Of course, there are other types of rules that people need to follow, so keep that in mind.

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