How Cryptocurrencies Have Changed the Way We View the Global Economy

The cryptocurrencies and the whole market related to them are changing the way we see the global economy in so many ways, including the perception about international transactions, decentralized systems, and earning something that can’t be held in a hand, but it’s still worthy to invest in. Also, blockchain-based technology can be a good example of how financial systems can work. It wasn’t so long ago when the people were doubtful, thinking that Bitcoin and all the similar currencies are still tied to the fiat monetary system.

At the same time, we all realize that investing in cryptocurrencies can bring both risks and benefits, and they don’t depend on the current political or social situation in the world. Or it was like that until the global pandemic happened. As we all know, last year, after the pandemic was declared, Bitcoins dropped a lot, hitting their lowest rates in recent years. After May 2024, everything changed, and now, in 2024, it hit the highest rates in history. Other cryptocurrencies are known as altcoins, but among them are some that are also popular, like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, the new Dogecoin, and many others that are waiting for their moment to shine.

What makes the crypto market unique?


First, they are decentralized and don’t depend on any bank in the world. They don’t have an owner, but the one who will mine or trade them is the person who has the complete right to decide what to do next. If they are demanded, they will exist – it’s simple like that. Also, another difference is that even though we compare the rates with the ordinary money, the way they work is not even similar.

For example, if you want to earn the Bitcoins all by yourself, you will have to invest in powerful equipment that will solve the complicated crypto-tasks, so you can get rewarded. Another way is to trade with them. Ethereum, on the other side, can be earned by trading with tokens, or mining them, knowing that it takes less time to earn one Ether, compared to the most popular Bitcoin.

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How do we save our money?


We all know that saving money is challenging, but according to many financial experts, it’s easier to save if you exchange them for a safe and stable asset. In the world of real money that’s the gold, and among the cryptocurrencies is, of course, the Bitcoin. But, not every moment is right to exchange them. Just a few years ago, you were able to buy a Bitcoin just for a few dollars, and save them in your digital wallet, until now, when their price is higher than ever.
We can compare Bitcoins with gold, because of their status on the market. They were the first crypto coins to be invented and popularized, and it’s expected that people are getting more excited for them. Also, a lot of popular services are allowing us to pay and receive Bitcoins, even when the sender and recipient are continents apart.

What can we learn from the crypto market?


It’s new, but it’s changing every day, so there are plenty of lessons we can learn. The most important is not to take the money for granted. We all love when we earn enough money to afford everything we want, but only one moment is enough to lose everything we have. For example, your bank can declare bankruptcy over the night, or some other unfortunate event can happen. It’s the same with cryptocurrencies. Yes, we can mine and trade with them if we enjoy that, but knowing that their system is less stable than the well-established fiat financial system, there is no guarantee that this crypto money won’t be lost in a day.

There are some predictions that one day, all the Bitcoins will be mined and transferred to the digital wallets, with nothing left in the network. Another theory says that the day when the cryptos will be worth zero is really close. No one can tell who is right or wrong, but surely all these things are changing the general approach of the people when they try to understand how the monetary and financial systems work.

Liquid economy situation

In some countries, crypto savings can be exchanged for real money. That means the user will be able to earn cryptocurrencies, exchange them, and spend them in regular stores. In some way, they will boost the economy, by increasing profits globally. Another benefit is sending and receiving money over the borders, with low transaction fees. As you know, if you need to send money to someone who lives in another country, then you will have to pay huge fees for that service. But, in most cases, crypto transactions are almost free, and that’s really great for those who need to send a large amount of cash to someone else.

But, these actions are not regulated in the whole world, and the crypto owner should always know where and how they can use their coins. Hopefully, the day when the whole world will embrace them is near. The big financial revolution is at its start right now, waiting for the right moment to change the economic sector we know, to something faster and more efficient.

More than 10 years after the first Bitcoin appeared on the market. Now, this currency is living the best days ever, and as a matter of fact – a lot of people made some profit because of it.

The biggest problem is that not everyone is ready to accept something that seems very complicated when you hear about it for the first time. This market is growing, and many companies are accepting it. Probably, more digital currencies will be developed in the years that come, and they will have an equal chance to prove they are worth the effort. One of the predictions is that Bitcoins will take over the whole global economy – but we hope we will have a chance to see that.

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