Dryer Vent Cleaning: A Marketing Ploy Or A Necessity in 2024?

The air in your house is not as clean and fresh as before? Or maybe your utility 2costs have skyrocketed recently? One way or another, you may be facing an issue of dirty dryer vents. No need to worry though. It can be solved in one click with dryer vent cleaning. Continue reading to learn more information.

Why Do I Need Dryer Vent Cleaning?

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If you are absolutely positive that your dryer vents need cleaning, simply click here to order it right away. However, as this service is sometimes a little pricey, some homeowners may have doubts about the real need for it. So, here is a quick rundown on the main reasons why your dryer vents may require cleaning. Mold buildup is a telltale sign that your dryer vents require cleaning. There is an easy way to identify whether your vents or HVAC system experience such a problem by simply sniffing them. If there is mildew, you will immediately feel its smell. Once you recognize it, wait no longer to clean the infected section or, even better, to replace it. Vermin are another reason to request for cleaning dryer vent system in your house. Insects or mice may reside in the vents, thus creating blockages, which results in weak or even no airflow. If your house is freshly built or a facelift took place a while ago, it makes sense to check dryer vents for debris possibly left by the constructions. Do you have to clean your house more often now because dust seems to appear out of nowhere? This nowhere may be your dryer vents.

Cleaning them can help to decrease the amount of dust that accumulates in your house and lungs. Are you aware of the fact that 30 percent of fires in domestic apparel dryers are produced by the failure to correctly wash them? Having jammed or filthy dryer drains can be surprisingly hazardous. Rubbish and other trash that can get caught in the drains can be combustible, which can end us as a severe fire hazard. Jammed dryer vents can quickly lead to a fire in your residence. Moreover, barred vents can also head to carbon monoxide being discharged into your place rather than outward. So to avoid contaminated indoor air quality and a possibility of a fire-related risk, invest in dryer vent cleansing assistance. Inside your vent is a duct cover accessory that works to let hot air leave your house while the dryer is operating.

But if the drains become too jammed, this cover doesn’t work correctly. And when this occurs, insects and rodents may grab this chance and take shed inside your vents. This occurrence is unhealthy and can cause notable impairment to your dryer system. So keeping your drains adequately sanitized is fundamental to avoid having undesired house visitors residing in your air vents.

Signs That You Must Clean Your Drier

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  • You witness an increase in the time it takes to dry.

If your dryer vent is clogged with dust, humid air stays longer in the dryer, making it hard for your things to dry off. If you’re finding that your things just aren’t dry after a regular period, you apparently need your dryer vent washed.

  • The dryer is starting to emit a pungent, foul smell.

If you start to detect a smell from your dryer, it’s most likely dryer dust. When lint or trash piles in your dryer, there’s an increased hazard of fire or other adverse effects.

  • There is an accumulation of dryer lint.

Whenever a dryer hasn’t had its tubes examined and cleaned periodically, lint can obstruct the dryer drains. If you see lint around the dryer’s hole, the drain system will need to be clarified.

  • The dryer is heated on the surface.

When the dryer cannot drain the air correctly, the dryer will feel very warm to touch at the end of the regular cycle.

Is Cleaning Dryer Vent Systems Enough?

More often than not, when there is an issue with your dryer vent, it is an indicator that the whole HVAC system may be malfunctioning. Thus, it is a good idea to arrange for its every component to be cleaned, including the air handler, condensate drain pans, diffusers, motor and fan housing, cooling, and heating coils, and grilles. In addition, the cold air return, hot air ducts and plenum should be inspected as well.

How often should dryer vents be cleaned?

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In order to safeguard your homes, workplace, and closed one, we recommend having your dryer vent cleaned by a professional at least once a year.

Not only is it essential to clean out your dryer’s lint trap, but also it is essential to have your clothes dryer vent cleaned to remove flammable debris such as dryer lint, birds nest, and articles of clothing.

A dryer vent cleaning benefits include decreased drying time, reduced utility bills, increased dryer efficiency, and prevents dryer fires. Proper cleaning will also improve the air quality inside in addition to dryer efficiency and energy savings.

If a clogged dryer vent prevents proper ventilation, carbon monoxide can be released into the surroundings. The monoxide leak could put several areas of your premises at serious risk.

How Much Does Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost?

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As you usually get your dryer vents cleaned as a part of the whole HVAC system cleaning, the price may vary. The general cost of cleaning one vent ranges between $30 and $40. Thus, if you have around twelve vents in your house, cleaning duct vents may estimate around $360 or $480. Yet, there are many factors that contribute to this, such as how well and how fast the job is done, how many vents and furnaces there are as well as where they are located. For more details on the cost of the dryer vent cleaning, it pays to consult the duct cleaning contractor.

Should you have any more questions regarding the dryer vent cleaning procedure or cost, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in every step of your home improvement project. There are a plethora of benefits in getting your dryer vent cleaned on a regular basis.

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