Four of the best sports games in 2024

Playing sports games combines two huge passions for so many people around the world – playing sports and playing video games. They’re the perfect alternative to partaking in sport in real life and, arguably most important of all, they’re incredibly fun to play.

Of course, there are other genres of games that thrive too, like action games or casino creations where players are trying to find the best way to win money in Canada, but sports games will always have a loyal and dedicated following. The sheer amount of games in this category is vast, the variety of consoles they’re on is also comprehensive, and the fact that so many sports games are multiplayer enables players to take on their friends, which in turn helps create a community of players desperate to settle various scores.

With so many sports games to choose from, though, we thought we’d provide a lowdown on some of the best releases of 2024 so far. Hopefully, one or two recommendations will tickle your fancy.

PES 2024

The PES soccer games used to have a fairly lackluster reputation in times of old, but its latest release is rivaling the popular FIFA 20 soccer game. A polished game with arguably a more realistic style of gameplay to its rival FIFA, PES 2024 has fantastic graphics, with many of the stars from the world of soccer looking just like they do in real life. Konami’s high-performance 3D scanning technology is on show in this creation, with the accuracy in the stadium designs really clear to see, for example. All-round though, PES 2024 has more fluid controls than ever before. The game has received a much-needed tidy up and is reaping the rewards.

Madden NFL 20

If you’re a football fan keen to get your football fix, then it’s very hard to look past Madden NFL 20. Not only is it the most popular game of its kind out there currently, but it comes with a legacy. The Madden series of games have been around for years and rarely do they let you down. Madden NFL 20 is no different, with its brand-new QB1 story mode, alongside the introductions of Ultimate Team Missions and Superstar X-Factor Zone abilities, which gives 50 players more of an opportunity to dominate their competition. A must-have game for all football fans.


UFC 3 has been receiving all the plaudits since its release, and it’s easy to see why. The UFC games have always been known to serve up the best violent mayhem of any MMA creation out there, but they’ve taken it to a whole new level with UFC 3. The game has over 5000 new fighting animations, helping the fight to feel more realistic, alongside the addition of Ultimate Team which lets players compete as real fighters and be able to customize their fighter in a variety of ways. G.O.A.T mode is also a well-received introduction, with players able to craft their own story in the UFC and learn what it takes to be a successful fighter in and out of the Octagon.

TGC 2019 featuring PGA Tour

Good golf games can be hard to come by, and although this particular choice is hardly new, it is still one of the best golf games around at the moment. TGC 2019 featuring PGA Tour looks excellent and slick, the controls are easy to grasp, its user interface is sleek, and the physics of the game are entirely realistic. It also offers up an array of single and online gaming modes, which should keep you busy for hours on end. If you want to learn more about golf tournaments and club click here to find more information about it.

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