How Long Should You Hold Vape In Your Lungs – 2024 Guide

Vapes are electronic appliances that produce a fog-like smoke that can be inhaled. They contain nicotine and come in a variety of flavors. Inhaling smoke-like vapor from an electronic cigarette or vape machine is known as vaping. Though vaping is similar to smoking, it is less dangerous.

A vape contains a flavored nicotine liquid known as vape juice (e-juice). However, you have to know that not all vapes include nicotine. The one who uses the vape can choose the flavor and quantity of nicotine they want. A heating element that evaporates e-juice in a tiny chamber is powered by a battery supply (vape mod). The vapor is then inhaled via a small mouthpiece. For the vaporizer, you can visit

What To Know About Holding Vape In Your Lungs


Take a slow and constant drag from your electronic cigarette until you feel that your mouth is full of vapor. It is unnecessary to attract the vapor hastily into your lungs to have the desired impact with e-smoking. You can check out Dr Dabber website to get the best vaporizers.

After drawing it in, hold the vapor in the mouth for about 3 to 5 seconds prior to breathing it into your lungs or expelling it through your nose or mouth. Nicotine from tobacco cigars can only be absorbed through the lungs. However, it can be consumed by the mucus layers in the mouth, followed by the lungs and nose with e-smoking.

After taking a draw on a tobacco cigarette, the “hit” is usually felt roughly 8 seconds later. But, since nicotine is absorbed through the mucus membranes in electronic cigarettes, it might need about 30 seconds to feel the impact. It can be obstructive for recent e-smokers who are not aware of this. However, they can get used to it later on.

Many individuals believe that holding a vape in their lungs will give them more high, which is not real. Holding smoke or vapor in your lungs for an extended period has no benefit. Several researches have shown that the cannabinoids in cannabis are absorbed into the lungs in seconds or less.

The cannabinoids in the pen disposable, whether CBD or THC, will only have to exist in the lungs for a short time. They will then begin to travel via the lining of the lungs into your bloodstream. In addition, they will be delivered to where they will be most beneficial.

Chain vaping is one of the most common novice blunders. Prior to taking a vape again, make sure your wicks are saturated. In general, 15 to 30 seconds is sufficient before taking another shot. However, you can pause for a long time if you encounter frequent dry hits.

It might be hard to adjust to, especially if you were previously a smoker who did not have to wait for the effect. If you want, it is better to shift to e-liquids that have more nicotine quantity since they can assist you in adapting to vaping. This way, you can also avoid chain vaping.

How To Properly Inhale A Vape

The way you breathe the vape when you initially start vaping is a critical aspect that can make you like or dislike vaping. If you inhale wrongly, you may experience coughing or an unpleasant nicotine rush.

Generally, there are about two primary types of inhalation strategies, which are the mouth-to-lung and direct-lung methods. The suitable inhalation strategy is based on the vape you prefer to utilize.



MTL hits are best used in tinier vapes with incredible resistance rings and more nicotine levels. You should feel like getting air from a straw when you take a draw from these appliances, regardless of their size. This sort of puff produces little vapor and simulates the act of smoking, which produces a throat hit that many smokers want. In short, it is a straightforward method.

Here are simple steps to inhale the vape properly:

  • For some seconds, gradually pull the vapor into your mouth.
  • For about one or two seconds, hold the vapor in your mouth.
  • Open your mouth and inhale the vapor into your lungs (not swallowing).
  • After the vapor has entered the lungs, exhale.

Direct Lung


Larger vapes that have fewer resistance coils and little nicotine are best for the DL hit. Getting air via a straw is a typical sensation while using one of these appliances. This style of drag produces the most vapor, and you might feel like taking a bong hit. However, it is considered soft and simple because it is typically used with little to no nicotine.

  • Draw vapor directly to your lungs as fast as possible.
  • Exhale vapor as soon as possible.

If you are having trouble concluding how to inhale your vape, or if your appliance has adaptable airflow, the nicotine content is the best indicator. For instance, increased nicotine (12 mg to 60 mg) is better for MTL, while less nicotine (0 mg to 6 mg) is optimal for direct lung inhales. In addition, medium nicotine (6 mg to 12 mg) is acceptable for both modes of inhaling. However, 6 mg is usually the limit for direct lung inhales.

Cigar Puff


A few people might prefer to blow on the vaporizer like a cigar instead of inhaling. Even though not rigidly inhaling, the cigar puff can be utilized with both high and fewer power appliances. Since nicotine is absorbed through mucous membranes, this method still functions to ingest it. Some even insist that breathing into the lungs is not essential.

Bottom Line

It is better to avoid holding vape in your lungs for a long period. You have to remember that vapes are neither wellness nor smoking termination products. However, it is true that they have assisted several people in quitting smoking. Thus, vaping has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is considered harm reduction, especially when smoking is considered.

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