Why Dancing is the Most Underrated Form of Exercise

The old saying claims that those who dance are deemed mad by the ones who cannot hear the sound of music, and we could not agree more. On the other hand, a significant number of individuals tend to think dancing is not a valid form of exercise. We want to underline that they might miss the point, apart from their inability to hear the beats. We all have a friend who fails to do their thing on the dance floor, at least if they had not had a shot of liquid courage, but we do not respect the stigma about dancing as the most underrated form of exercise. If you want to know how dancing can help you get or stay in shape, be our guest and consult the rows below.

Burning Calories

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There are numerous types of dances, so it is up to you to pick up your poison and have a whale of a time while your calories disappear. In a nutshell, dancing is a physical activity, so as long as you dance, you spend the accumulated energy.

Back in the day, people did not focus on shaping their figure as a part of an isolated activity, moreover, an active lifestyle granted them the bodies we nowadays consider ideal. To make a long story short, you do not have to dress up and visit a dedicated facility to stay in shape. Just turn the volume up and dance to your favorite song, and the results will follow.

Your Body is a Tool

Going to the gym implies you utilize numerous gadgets and target precisely the areas of your body you want to enhance somehow. This approach is valid as any other that fits your wants and needs, but we should emphasize that with dancing, you do not need any alternative tool to get into shape.

Additionally, dancing gives rise both to your mind and body energies simultaneously, and you would not have to risk getting injured by using alternative gizmos. Naturally, one can get hurt by attempting to perform specific dance moves as well. Thus, we urge you not to take your chances and enjoy the flow of music via dance patterns you feel comfortable with.


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If you want to get into shape or to keep fit then you should stop finding excuses and hit the track as soon as possible. At least that is what the vast majority think. Unfortunately, they are wrong, because cardio exercises imply more than dry running. To make a long story short, any exercise that involves increased heart rate can be interpreted as a cardio exercise.

Thus, if you want to combine pretty and useful, we urge you to focus on your dance game. We suggest you shift your focus to a type of dance that matches your taste, or you might focus on freestyle. Anyway, dancing will do good both for your mind and your physique, as long as you dance often.

You are Never Too Old to Dance

Have you ever watched or participated in a dancing competition? Surely, youngsters often take all the credit, but have you ever taken a look at their coaches? Unquestionably, they look remarkable, or shall we say, as fit as they can get.

Another thing we should not forget to mention when the age is in question reflects the fact that it is never too late to begin your dancing venture, regardless of your current shape or previous experience. Not only would starting dance classes impact your physique, but it would also enrich your social life. If this sounds appealing, we urge you to check this for more info.

A Bit More Complicated Dances

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Saying that dances are underrated forms of exercise is one thing, but neglecting the importance of physical preparation necessary to perform some dance styles is simply wrong. Let’s use pool dancing or break dancing as an example.

If we would ask a random ripped gym guy to recreate physically demanding segments typical for the aforementioned dance styles, the chances he would be successful are close to zero. We do say that every single gym enthusiast would fail, but we reckon a vast majority would give up after the first attempt.

The fact is that both break dancing and pool dancing routines imply engaging specific muscle groups you would not be able to target by focusing solely on your gym gear. Now, the other important aspect to consider regarding both of these physically demanding dancing styles is synchronicity. Without it, the recognizable flow would be unattainable. When you consider how the skill one obtains via dancing would reflect on the rest of the dancer’s skill set you should realize why this type of exercise is unfoundedly underrated.

Mental Practice

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You can dance solo, or you can do it with a partner. Regardless of what your pick might be, you should be aware that dancing from time to time will impact your overall mood. Feeling good about yourself does not have to be equated with your physical state. Surely, it is a vital factor, but it would do you little without establishing the balance.

A healthy body means a healthy mind, and vice versa, or if you prefer Latin, Mens Sana in Corpore Sano. Even the old Latins knew the importance of balanced life energies, so the sooner you realize that dancing can get you the aforementioned, the better.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you get an idea of how dancing can impact both your mental and physical well-being. You do not have to become a master performer in order to benefit from a good old dance session, as long as you enjoy what you are doing. If you consider Tae Bo, Zumba, or Hula Hoop, you might find that the natural synergy between dance and exercise is nothing new. Now, you do not have to focus on them to utilize the potential a dance night has to offer, still, knowing about what they potentiate might give you an idea of how to enhance some of your favorite dance moves.

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