How to Throw a Housewarming Party

Whether you’re moving to your new house on rent or you bought a new house, congratulations, we are proud of you!

Now all you need to do is get settled and decide whether you want to throw a housewarming party or not.

If you’re considering hosting a welcome party for yourself, know that it won’t be easy. You have to factor in the cost, draw a guest list, send invitations, get creative with decor and even brainstorm for the perfect menu.

But, not to worry because we’ve got you covered with these tips on how to throw a housewarming party to stair your party plans and preparation in the right direction.

1. Get Settled in Your New Home


The first thing you need to know on how to throw a great housewarming party is that getting settled is essential.

We understand that you love your new home and can’t wait to show off the priceless features you’ve had the interior designer fix for you. But, first things first, you need to get settled before planning a party.

Many people prefer to arrange a holiday immediately after their arrival. But, you may not have enough room, equipment, or peace of mind to prepare a party after the whole stress of moving the previous day.

You might think that by unpacking, we mean getting every single item wrapped in the box in its rightful position, but it doesn’t have to be so. If you’re thinking of throwing a party, all you need to get settled in are those essentials you have stored in your essential box. Take a week or two to arrange a few things you feel will make the first few weeks comfortable. Then, you can get the party plans rolling.

2. Sending Invitations

Once you’ve chosen a suitable date for your friendly welcome get-together with friends and family, the next step on how to host a housewarming party you need to consider is to send out invites.

You don’t want a situation when your guests don’t turn up as planned. So, it’s always best to send out invites two weeks before D-day so that your guest will have time to prepare for the event.

Furthermore, you need to state clearly in the invite, every information about the event. Will your party be a casual one? What time does it take place? Also, include your address to make finding the venue won’t be a hassle.

Also, note that you need to think about inviting your neighbors. Your friends and family aren’t the only ones you’ll have around for long. As they say, your neighbors are your safe haven in a troubling situation. Be sure to send them invites so you can build your neighborly relationship.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget and don’t like the idea of paper invitation cards, consider sending out invites via social media or email. Also, as you send out invitations, add an RSVP section to give you a general idea of who to expect and how to plan your menu.

3. Make the Decorations Simple


After sending out the invites, it’s time to engage your inner interior décor skills. But before you do this, remember that you’re still settling. So, the decorations don’t have to be over-the-top. You can even stick to a no-decoration or simple décor rule by only investing in balloons for the entrance.

4. A Well-Thought-Out Menu

How successful a party also depends on how well you feed your guests. While you plan for the décor, take time to consider the drinks and food to complement the event. But, there’s a catch!

Although you should spend time planning some mouth-watering main dishes, you also need to ensure that simple side dishes like snacks are on the menu. Consider making snacks that are quick to update, like chips and vegetable cuts.

5. House Tour


A party would be a traditional boring corporate hang-out without a staple event. For this reason, you want to include a house tour in your party plans.

However, a house tour can vary depending on how big or small the layout of your house is. Plan how to take your guest through a tour guide from room to room. If you’ve previously set up some things like antiques or a display room, plan how to relate the stories behind them so your guests feel the impact of the tour.

If you’re more of a fun person, make the house tour a self-guided fun time. To do this, draw the house layout and make them into portable handouts the guests can use to navigate your home. You can even make the tour more fun by adding a treasure hunt game to the tour event.

6. Consider A Few Games

Depending on the intended party time frame and if you’re not thinking of pitching a treasure hunt into the house tour, a house tour may not really be the fun activity you need to get your guests happy and comfortable. Hence, consider a game section when planning how to throw a good housewarming party.

So, what games can you play at a housewarming party?

  • Singing home trivia
  • Neighborhood hunt
  • Card games
  • Boardgame
  • Pick the key
  • Question jar
  • Famous house match

Don’t forget to offer attractive prices to the winners of each game. if you’re on a budget, consider getting simple gift cards, take-home drinks, movie-sized candy bars, books, a mug, and even DIY-inspired gifts like a handmade bracelet or scarf.

If you’ll need small moving services to haul your gift set from the local store, contact reputable moving companies like to make the hauling job trouble-free.


Throwing a housewarming party is no light work, whether on a budget or not. But, you can get things ordered with the right tips on how to plan a housewarming party. Hopefully, this guide will make the plans and preparation less tasking while helping you achieve a simple event that leaves lasting memories.

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