Ideas for an Epic Man Cave

There are times when you need your own space. Somewhere where you can be alone with your thoughts and try to make sense of what’s happening in the world around you. Or a place where you can shoot pool, drink beer on tap and watch a game on a seventy or eighty-inch flat-screen television. If you’re thinking man cave right now, you’re on the right track.

If you’ve found just the right place in your home that’s a perfect hideout, here are some ideas you will want to think about when creating an epic man cave.

Electrical and Plumbing


Let’s get the administrative things out of the way first. Any epic man cave is going to require more than its fair share of electrical outlets.

Think about it. If you want to jam to music from a surround sound stereo system while knocking off a few games on your pinball machine as you enjoy brewskies of chilled draft beer, you’ll need power plugs and the juice to run them all.

Also, after beating your scores at pinball and downing four or five beers, you are going to need to avail yourselves of the facilities, so you’ll need plumbing installed that’s easily and quickly accessible.

Picking a Theme

Now that you’ve covered the electrical and plumbing issues, the fun begins. What theme do you want your epic man cave to exude? Rustic? Artsy? Appalachian shack? Hunter’s paradise or something close to a Grand Prix pit stop?

If you’ve decided on Hunter’s paradise, you may want to throw a few gun racks on the wall to display your latest rifles that you built from the ground up after picking up just the right competition trigger, bolt carrier group, match barrel, and upper receiver. Click here if you are looking for an upper receiver.

In case you want a Gentlemen’s Classy man cave, you should look for classy and lavish items to decorate it. For example, you may have a piece of classy furniture, a small bar with some kinds of drinks, snacks, and drink accessories, a pool table, a wall decor to identify your cave, and some cool lighting. Another essential thing for a classy man cave is cigars. You can have different types so that anyone could have a choice. For cigar connoisseurs, you can choose VegaFina 1998 VF 52 or VegaFina Coronas Tubo for their exceptional value. They deliver smooth and tasty smoke that every smoker will appreciate. SwissCubanCigars offer different types of Vega Finas you can choose from. Davidoff Escurio Gran Toros or Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos could also be ideal. The choice is vast and easy to pick one.

Here’s a suggestion. Aside from the collage of prints, taxidermized trophies, rifles, and adornment on the walls of your epic man cave, pay close attention to the furniture as well. Populate your epic man cave with furniture that’s sturdy and non-breakable, like steel and heavy wood.

Glass versus Wood Furniture

Not only will the furnishings demonstrate to your friends that your man cave is for the manliest of men, but your epic man cave is a place where they don’t have to tiptoe around. A good rule of thumb should be that there is no place for glass coffee or end tables in an epic man cave.

Gaming Table


Another good rule of thumb to remember when working toward an epic man cave is that if you don’t have a central game table such as a pool table or ping pong table, it’s not an epic man cave. Without a center game table, your epic man cave has just been downgraded to a reading room, even if you don’t have a single book or magazine laying around.

Once your central game table becomes grand central, then start populating furniture around it. Remember, those husky leather chairs perfect for your epic man cave need placement far enough away from the table to allow unrestricted movement.

What’s On Tap

Another perfect feature that will help you create a man cave of epic proportions is a fully stocked bar complete with a draft beer dispenser, a refrigeration unit, and three or four bar stools. Just remember, an epic man cave is one where you and your friends can belly up to a bar for a good drink without having to take a trip downtown.

Or without having to call a taxi to take you home.

The Bigger the View, the Better the View


No man cave is complete without an enormous flat-screen television. If you want your man cave to be the man cave to end all man caves, then consider purchasing something in the seventy to eighty-inch size and connect the audio output to a smoking hot surround sound stereo system.

Be sure to mount those amplified speakers, woofers, and subwoofers in strategic places throughout your man cave. When the movie depicts a landslide that’s about to kill off your favorite characters, you’ll want to feel it, not just hear it.

Placement for the Pixels

There’s another thing to remember about the placement of your flat screen and the seating arrangement. You need to make sure you and your chums are seated close enough to enjoy every pixel on your set but far enough away to enjoy the panoramic splendor. With the television on, take steps in and out until you find the perfect spots.

Open-Concept Environment


Another thing you’ll want to remember is to place all furniture in an open environment. If your man cave is big enough, an open-concept arrangement will make it even seem more significant. An open-concept placement of furniture is critical if your epic man cave is epically small.

Money-Free Arcade

One way to make your man cave genuinely epic, a mecca of relaxation and enjoyment to you and your best friends, is a money-free arcade if you have the space for it. You will be surprised how easy it is to find some of the arcade games you and your buddies used to blow their allowances on back in the day.

Pick out two or three of your favorites and set them up to activate without requiring pocket change, and viola, your epic man cave, will soon become the talk of the town.

Mood Lighting is a Real Thing


Unless your choice of theme for your epic man cave is a sixteenth-century torture dungeon, lighting to set the mood is as critical as free beer and playing the arcade games for free.

Try to avoid fluorescents, if possible, where the sterile glare can turn your warm, inviting epic man cave into a hospital surgical theater. To make your man cave, well, epic, try hanging bar-style pendant lighting or three or four accent lights placed around on a few of those pieces of furniture made from steel and wood.

You may also want to consider installing a couple of rail light systems where the sides of the wall meet the roof. Each rail contains about three or four adjustable canister lights. You can swivel each one to gain maximum lighting coverage in your man cave.

So, there you have it—a few suggestions to turn that reading room into a man cave of epic proportions. Try not to wear out the arcade games, and keep the beer tap fully charged. You never know who’s going to show up begging for their chance to enter this beautiful domain you’ve just created.

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