Important Things You Should Know About Insoles

Are you aware of the term inner soles, foot beds or insoles? They all refer to the same thing. You will find inside your boots or shoes. It is included as part of your shoes to provide extra warmth and comfort as well as a better fit. Their overall purpose is to make your shoes much more comfortable. The primary purpose of insoles is to make the shoes smaller as these are good at filling out empty space on the inside of the shoe. They can even be found in sandals such as OrthoticShop provides.

Another purpose of insoles is to help keep the shoes fresh as these are removable and can be cleaned after taking them out. These are also used for providing additional support along with toe inserts for shoes that are too big.

Advantages of Using Insoles


While the most common purpose of using inner soles is to make shoes fit better by making them a tad smaller but they offer a number of other advantages, as listed below:

  • Better Fit: Even though there are standard shoe sizes, these do not fit everyone the same and the right shoe size usually depends on the place where you shop. Also, it’s not easy to find a half size. Oftentimes, the best choice is to find a slightly bigger size and use an insert to make a better fit. When it comes to choosing insoles, it’s a personal decision. Also, it’s possible to use a number of insoles on top of one another to make a better fit.
  • More Warmth: Insoles not only make for a better fit but also add warmth to the shoe. These are of great help, especially in colder weather.
  • Safe From Blisters: Insoles can be of great help when it comes to preventing blisters. When you have a shoe with a great fit, your foot doesn’t have much wiggle room which is what typically leads to blisters.
  • Better Posture: Not many people are aware of the advantages of using insoles for a better posture. There are specialized insoles known as orthotic insoles or orthotics. These are custom-designed to provide support for various problems to address problems affecting walking, running or standing. These are specifically designed to provide arch support where it is needed the most.

Materials Used for Making Insoles


A variety of materials are used for making insoles and all of these materials have their own pros and cons. Here is a list of some of the most common materials:

  • Leather: It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a tough insole. Insoles made from cowhide are hard wearing and extremely tough which makes them great for arch support.
  • Air Cushion: These insoles are made of a foam sole that contains pressurized air bubbles. These are great at providing magnificent cushioning and comfort, and also help in enhancing the life of your shoes.
  • Gel: Insoles that contain gel are great for big heels. These are splendid at stopping slippage by increasing grip. Many people prefer these for relieving pain in the balls of their feet.
  • Memory Foam: Memory foam conforms to the shape of your foot which means insoles made from memory foam are long-lasting and extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Foam: Insoles made of foam are the cheapest and most common. Foam is rigid and exceptional at shock absorption. However, it does not last long and wears out quickly.

How to Choose the Right Orthotic Insoles for Your Feet


Orthotic soles guide the foot to proper walking positioning be restricting movement. This is an especially important benefit to those who are suffering from conditions of the foot like a high arch or a flat foot. Conditions like this can develop over time or be genetically inherited from parents. The specialized support from an orthotic insole ensure the correct positioning of the foot and therefore keeps the feet and joints from further damage. With the properly designed insole for the conditions of the foot any natural support that is lacking can be substituted until the correction is properly corrected. This is especially important for those carrying extra weight or hoping to participate in athletic events.

Orthotic insoles can help to relieve the discomfort and pain associated with various foot conditions especially when the biodynamics are skewed or bodyweight is not properly supported by the frame. Sometimes a regular insole will be more than enough support to correct the issue, but for more specific conditions, a professional design can offer superior performance.

A visit to a podiatrist or a special sports therapist can provide a professional perspective on the gait and positioning of the body to reveal any muscular or skeletal incongruities that should be adjusted. Once the nature of the disbalance has been fully-understood, the proper insole can be created and the performance of the body greatly improved.

It may be possible to address many of these conditions with a focused effort to adjust the positioning of the body. Nevertheless, this can be a slow and very difficult process without a consistent professional perspective critique the very particular adjustments needed. With proper orthotics the movement and balance of the body are adjusted naturally without having to commit to walking or running exercise programs.

Foot orthotics are designed with the specific needs of the individual foot in mind, so it is essential to have your specific conditions examined by a professional. If you are simply looking for better comfort in your walking gear, you will do just fine with a gel-padded insole. It is always preferred to purchase top-quality brands for this as they are less likely to cause foot problems after extended use.

Tips for Taking Care Of Insoles

If you take proper care of the insoles, it will help in prolonging their life which means your shoes will also last longer.

  • Keep Them Dry: The key to enhancing the life of insoles is to keep them dry. If you use your insoles daily, they will trap moisture inside and get sweaty. This is why it’s important for you to take out the insoles occasionally to dry them.
  • Hand Wash: Use a sports detergent on mild detergent to wash the insoles in water. Rinse them out and hang them to dry before placing them back into the shoes.
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