KissCartoon: A Legal Site to Watch Cartoons?

Streaming your favorite content instead of downloading it is becoming quite popular these days with the availability of high-speed internet connection and widespread use of smartphones. It’s not just about streaming your TV shows or movies, and you can watch your favorite cartoons and anime as well on the streaming platforms like KissCartoon.

There are many sites on the internet like KissCartoon, which are dedicated to streaming cartoons and anime. The best thing about sites like KissCartoon is that you can stream their content for free. You can access this website from your smartphone and watch your favorite cartoon show’s episodes in high resolution.

Why is KissCartoon So Popular?

Various websites on the internet allow you to stream content for absolutely zero cost. However, not all are good at their job. KissCartoon comes with some advantages: its simple interface makes it easy to use. The navigation feature on Kiss Cartoon makes it possible to search for any show quickly and watch it.

KissAnime Network is responsible for the operations of Kiss Cartoon. The company is known for not enforcing copyright laws. I.e., You’re accessing the content that’s not legally allowed to watch.

The network’s websites are hosted from Vietnam. KissAnime manages a range of various websites that violate copyright laws and give access to pirated content. KissCartoon and its sibling sites serve content related to manga, comics, drama, and TV shows.

If you have a taste for Korean TV shows, they have a site for them too.

The Kiss Cartoon and other sibling sites from KissAnime Network have been into the business from the last decade. It was around 2007 when legal action was taken against KissCartoon, and the site was taken down.

The sites operating today under the name are clones of the original site. However, it’s not sure who is behind the Kiss Cartoon clones.

Following is the list of the websites that are clones of Kiss Cartoon, some of them are active and some aren’t anymore:


Is it Safe to Access KissCartoon?

If you ask us about our opinion regarding cyber-safety, we don’t think KissCartoon is safe. The users have experienced malware intrusion from using these sites. There’s no such a thing called ‘free lunch,’ and sites like KissCartoon aren’t doing any social work either.

These websites make money by showing the audience ads on the landing page. You’ll encounter annoying redirects, advertisements, and pop-ups while streaming any content.

The websites like KissCartoon show ads that aren’t reviewed by Google, so there’s always a risk of virus attacks.

The recent incidents have revealed that these sites show ads through which hackers have installed programs on the computer that was used for crypto mining without taking consent from users.

When your computer is used for crypto mining, it affects the performance of the machine and slows it down.

The site, however, claims that they aren’t behind these malicious activities, and these hackers have no affiliation with KissCartoon. Despite the claims, KissCartoon hasn’t done anything to stop these cyberattacks on the users.

Since watching pirated content itself is a crime, you can’t even complain about the malware intrusion to anyone. That’s why it’s better not to use the site as there’s a risk of compromising the system even by visiting the website.

Is it Illegal to Watch Content on KissCartoon?

You should know the essential thing that KissCartoon isn’t a legal streaming platform, which means they are violating the copyright laws. The group that manages Kiss Cartoon and other KissAnime Network sibling websites are hosting pirated content for streaming.

The law authorities have taken actions against the website depending upon the location of the company and servers. However, the stubborn group manages to create a duplicate site immediately. All they have to do is modify the domain of the website and shift the servers.

With many KissCartoon clones operating, there’s a massive risk of infecting your system with malicious elements. We aren’t exactly sure who’s behind these clone websites.

However, speculation is that operators behind some of Kiss Cartoon clones are the same who were running the original website.

In a nutshell, you are responsible for the consequences of any legal action taken against you or the operators of the site. It’s not legal to watch pirated content from Kiss Cartoon.

Legal Alternatives for Streaming

As it’s established now that you shouldn’t risk your cybersecurity and invite legal consequences by watching illegal content from Kiss Cartoon. The question remains, what should you use then?

Well, when it comes to legal and safe streaming there’s a plethora of platforms that can be excellent alternative Following are those platforms:

Final Words

The streaming platforms we have suggested are not free, and they require you to sign-up with a premium membership. However, if you can’t afford an expensive paid membership, you can always avail of the cheaper plans. If not even that, go for free limited trial periods, which don’t require payments.

There are benefits like a vast library, safety, and high-resolution content. A little price is not much for protecting your privacy and avoiding legal actions. If you have kids who want to watch cartoons, you should get a membership in a legal streaming service.

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