How to Make a Living with Bitcoin Trading – 2024 Guide

Want to make money using Bitcoins? But firstly, you need to have a stronger will as it might take time. Most of the people don’t have enough patience and they leave everything too early. Therefore, statistical results show that in 2018 American lost around $1.7 billion in crypto trading. This money also includes the one lost because of some fraud.

Furthermore, this is the money lost so how much would be the profits? Studies also show that 36.5 million Americans have already invested in cryptocurrency. But not every single one of them will be able to gain profit. You need strategic planning and stronger will power to do so. In addition to this, you will also need a pinch of luck.
Moreover, you will also need the right tools. For instance, some applications help you out in cryptocurrency trading. Bitcoin Era is the official application that provides accurate trading signals. Furthermore, it has the number one trading robot. You can click here and go to the official page to register yourself.

Through the use, of an official application, you won’t be entrapped with any sort of fraud. Furthermore, they offer high-end security with a strong privacy shield. So your account details will be secured and you won’t have to worry about it.

But wait,

If you are new here and you don’t know the ways to make earning using bitcoin trading, let us help you. There are certain ways to use bitcoin for earning money except trading. So if you are not good at trading, you can choose any one of them. Here is a list of the different ways that you can use it.

1 – Start with cryptocurrency micro tasks


If you have some free time, you can work with crypto brands and do some sort of freelancing. Cryptocurrency micro-tasks include taking surveys, testing applications, viewing advertisements and watching videos. Some companies need people to do such jobs. After you do the work, you can get our pay in cash or in any cryptocurrency.

So if you are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, you should try this method. Thus, you will be able to earn coins. There are several sites that offer crypto coins in return for completing tasks. For instance, Coinbucks and Bituro.

2 – Change your payment option


In the past few years, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin have gained huge popularity. A large number of people are well aware of the terms. Therefore, even shopping sites and businesses are also planning to take payment in the form of any digital currency. So why can’t you?

If you are doing any job and your employer gives you the option of paying through digital currency, you can accept the offer. This is a great way to get into this business.

Furthermore, this is an era of media especially social media. You can do anything there as long as it follows the community guidelines. Therefore, a large number of people are trying to get fame on social media. To do so, they need content.

So if you are good at content creation, you can use this opportunity to earn bitcoins. Freelancing jobs have no boundaries. Therefore, if you are in any country, you can work with American clients. And Americans are widely using Bitcoins. So you can ask them to pay you through Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency.

Both of the above-mentioned techniques are a way to earn crypto coins. You are not making money. But to earn through cryptocurrency, you need to have the coins first. Therefore, this effort won’t go in vain. And after you have coins, you can wait a bit to see how the market changes. Even if you do nothing and keep the coins safe in your account, their value will rise eventually. That is why you can earn easy money simply by keeping a hold of your coins.

3 – Buy and hold strategy


“Old is Gold” is a famous quotation and you must have also witnessed the importance of antique objects. Similar is the case with cryptocurrency. But you don’t have to wait forever to get profit. The value of cryptocurrencies rises with time. It is like business shares, you can either get profit or you will be at a loss.

Most digital currency investors use this method to earn easy money. What you have to do is too simple. You only need to buy or earn some crypt coins and wait for their value to rise. When the market price of the currency increase, you can simply sell them off at a higher rate.

The only thing that you need to be careful of is the currency. There are several digital currencies and most of them are just worthless. Therefore, you need to find the one which is reliable and has a chance of going high in the future.

Just like Bitcoin. When it came to the market, it was not worth much. You can buy several coins with just a dollar. And see where it has reached today. Imagine if you had bought some Bitcoins a decade ago, where would you be now? But there is still time to do so. Several other currencies are in the process of growing. So you can do some research work and find a good currency.

4 – Trading


If you are aware of the trading business, you can do the same with digital currencies. There are three different types of trading that you can do.

On is the Day trading, which involves quick trades. You can make some fast profits using this method. You will carefully analyze the market of a certain currency and buy it at the right time.

The second one is Swing trading, where you have to buy coins and have to wait a bit. You can sell your coins after their value increases.

The third one is Arbitrage. In this method, the trader buys some currency from one person. Afterward, he sells it to someone else at a higher rate and makes your profit.

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