#5 Powerful Cloud Services for Your Startup App

Hosting a business app on a cloud is one of the most popular and advantageous trends in the IT industry. The entrepreneurs now consider cloud computing as a powerful technology for their business growth. Those who only start their businesses face a bigger challenge: how to pick a suitable cloud technology? In the world of numerous choices, what to opt for?

No one but an experienced software engineer may help you with the answers. However, a basic understanding of what is going on and what advantages may each of the options bring you is required.

Here, we are going to introduce cloud technologies and highlight the performance google cloud vs aws briefly. If you focus on success, don’t miss this significant information.

Introduction to cloud computing

Cloud computing is the digital infrastructure that provides users with IT resources like computing power or digital data storages. These resources are provided by a hosting company, and a user can manage, access, organize, modify data from any place in the world and with the help of the Internet. To access it, a user can employ special collocated cloud computing services, application programming interface (API), or API-based apps like any CMS or cloud storage gateway.

Typical cloud architecture consists of multiple components that communicate with each other using a messaging queue. It has multiple advantages including complete data accessibility and high-level data security.

Digitalocean vs AWS vs Google Cloud vs Heroku vs Azure: Briefly About the Essentials

Here are 5 services we find the most useful:


According to the reports, a large part of software engineers has adopted AWS. This is the most popular solution in the market: launched by world-known Amazon giant, it had no other chances than succeed.

Either if you look a solution for individual usage or would like to employ it for corporative needs, AWS will be useful.

Some of the prominent features are data encrypting; here, you can also find seamless auditing and wide range of customization opportunities.

All in all, the benefits of Amazon Web Services are great enough for anyone who wants to check it out. We would recommend you to join an Intellipaat AWS Training to utilize the cloud computing platform.


Before opting for Digitalocean, keep in mind it works with Linux systems only. Its performance is impressive; that’s why, in many cases, it may be compared to a powerful Amazon Web Services cloud. The difference is that Digitalocean is cheaper thus it is a better option for a small startup.

Server management here is a bit of challenging but if you have a technical background and engineering experience, you will deal with this task.

Google Cloud

Google is famous for its remarkable achievements in cloud technologies, too. It is quite flexible and easy-to-use; together with numerous features and extensions available, these factors make Google Cloud one of the most popular solutions among cloud adopters.

Set up process may take time and efforts. But once you get familiar with Google Cloud, you can feel how convenient and secure this service is.


Working with Heroku, we felt like the key purpose of this service is to save your time for more critical tasks and decisions. Heroku is simple to set up and maintain; it runs on AWS so has several features similar to AWS as well.

Although it seems to be one of the best options for a startup, it won’t cater to your needs in the expected ways if you need maximum scalability and plan to build a huge software solution on Heroku.


Microsoft Azure is another powerful cloud computing provider. It fits the needs of any industry but the thing to remember is that it’s compatible with Windows or Linux only.

Service provider focuses on catering to your needs in the best way so, with Microsoft Azure, the highest level of customization is available.

#3 Elements of a Decision-Making Process

Before you opt for a certain cloud computing service, keep in mind these things:

Expert opinion

Even though it seems to you that you make the right choice, make sure your IT engineering co-worker has the same opinion. People who work with technologies daily and are aware of your business specifics are your best advisors. Do not miss a chance to find out about their points of view.

Free trial

Some of the cloud providers may offer a free trial for a defined period or for storing a limited amount of data. Try this opportunity to make sure this is exactly what your startup app demands.

Questions to answer

Last but not least, answer the following questions:

  • How big is the startup app you plan to launch?

Take a look at your business plan and answer this question approximately. You need the answer to build a clear picture of how much space on a cloud you need and if there is a need in scalability features.

  • What type of data you are going to collect?

Your startup app has a defined goal as well as every cloud service we have discussed earlier. Sensitive data requires a comprehensive approach while working with non-sensitive data, you are free to apply more convenient and simple methods.

  • Do you have a budget for it?

Some cloud services providers set low prices; the others say their solutions cost too much. Make sure your budget allows you to opt for a service you plan.

We have built this brief guide together with Clockwise Software engineering team. And together, we are ready to answer your questions and listen to your concerns. Each of the services presented has its own pros and cons:

  • AWS is a perfect option for big businesses but it is rather expensive;
  • Digitalocean looks nice but it works with Linux systems only;
  • Google Cloud may be hard to set up but it provides you with all the perks of becoming a Google corporation client;
  • Heroku is simple and convenient but unable to cater to the large businesses’ needs;
  • Microsoft Azure is powerful but you can use it for Linux or Windows systems only.

Have you tried any of them? Share your experience here.

Final Words

That’s all for now. These are the #5 Powerful Cloud Services that you can use for your startup apps. If you have used any of these cloud services before then do share your experience in the comments section given below.

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