What Are The Pros And Cons Of Spotify Premium?

Spotify is among the largest platforms for streaming music and podcasts, with over 200 million users. It has grown rapidly over the years and is going to keep growing as the platform adds more content. But when opting for Spotify premium, you should know what the pros and cons are. We will be running through some of the pros and cons of Spotify premium in this article so that you can have a better knowledge of the service.

Pros of Spotify premium

There are several benefits of using Spotify premium and some of them are discussed below.

No Ads or Interruptions

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On Spotify Premium, your streaming is uninterrupted by annoying ads which pop up from time to time. You can stream with ease and without any disturbance. And you also skip tracks you don’t want to listen to. Unlike the free version, you are not limited to 6 skips per day. So you get the best experience while using the service to stream your Favourite songs and podcasts.

High-Quality streaming

You also get to stream or download music and podcasts in high quality up to 360kbps. The premium gives you the option to choose what quality of music you want to listen to. If you offline, you can listen to the audio you have downloaded. Because it also gives you the option to download content offline at the quality you want.

Access to Spotify connect

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Due to Artist Push, Spotify premium enables users to utilize Spotify Connect. it gives control to Spotify music across numerous devices. Meaning with Spotify Connect, users get to regulate what’s playing on their laptop using their smartphone or pair Spotify with dedicated hardware, like speakers or your PS4. This is an incredible feature that allows you to control the music at a party and makes it easy to switch between listening on your phone and computer.

Ease of Use

Another amazing aspect of Spotify premium is that it is easy to use with its user-friendly interface. Once it is activated, it is not hard to navigate and start enjoying the amazing features of the service.

Cons of Spotify Premium

Everything that has an upside always has its downside and Spotify is not excluded. Spotify Premium also has downsides which are discussed below.

Cost of service

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The fee for the premium service is quite costly and may not be affordable for everyone. And you don’t own the songs you stream and you require a subscription to have access to them. And the money spent on subscriptions can be used to buy physical albums, which you always have access to. The subscription runs whether it is used or not and expires after the allotted time is exhausted.


Contrary Spotify being one of the largest music platforms in the world, it’s still not available in some countries. It’s a letdown because some people in certain countries won’t be able to access all that it has to offer.

Spotify is a fantastic service and the premium plan makes it much better. Now we have discussed the pros and cons, the pros outweigh the cons. This goes to prove that it’s an excellent service to go for.

Why Artists Should Care About Spotify Statistics

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Every musician has to ponder how her or his art is being consumed. The technology and business models surrounding consumption strongly affect how an artist can make money. As each of us witnessed the rise of the new music industry, we must adapt to this in order to make a living. And statistics on that are important, too.

In the music business, we have always made decisions based on stats. We care about streaming numbers, social media following, ticket sales, and album sales. In fact, it’s much easier to get a contract with a major label today if you have some kind of social media following. As an artist here are reasons why you should care about your Spotify statistics:

To Understand the Current Market

Understanding today’s current music market and the genres that sell more is very important, especially for new artists. The Internet has rebuild the way how people consume music and Spotify is one of the best tools for artists to get their music out there. It’s not just about streaming. We can see that Spotify is clearly driving sales. The more people listen to a song, the more they buy it.

Labels sign Artists based on Spotify statistics

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Labels are signing artists exclusively based on their statistics, such as Spotify plays. Artists who get a lot of plays and gain exposure from this platform are most likely to be signed by major labels because it’s the easiest and fastest way to determine potential future earnings from an artist’s work.

Artist’s promoters have their artists put their top setlist and monthly listeners results on their social media handles. These little additions can have a huge impact on whether or not you get signed by a label and if your song will be played on the radio. So, it becomes incredibly important for an artist to improve their statistics.

Playlist Features

Users are able to create an unlimited number of playlists without paying a single cent. Spotify’s playlist features allow users to build a following by making playlists and engaging with fans and other users. This makes Spotify essentially a social network for music lovers. If you are an artist this could be an opportunity to engage with more followers while generating earnings as compared to other streaming platforms.

To Make informed Decisions About Their Career

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Most artists these days are very concerned about their distribution. After all, in the old days, we just had radio and record stores, and then things like iTunes came along and changed everything. And now we have services like Spotify which delivers music to users for free. It’s important to understand how people listen to music these days so that you can make intelligent decisions about how you want to distribute your music, and whether you even want to sell it.


How many people are playing your music? How often are they listening to it? These questions used to be impossible to answer, but with the boom in streaming services like Spotify, artists now have access to a lot of information about their fan’s listening habits. As an artist, Spotify statistic can have a lot of impact on your career and in this article, you can see why you care about them.

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