Reinforcing Home Security: Locking Out Property Crimes

homeowners, few things are as unsettling as having someone come onto their property without permission, break into their home, and take their belongings. Burglaries and home intrusions cause a monetary loss and the loss of safety and comfort in one’s own house. The consequences of these crimes are also felt on a larger scale, contributing to a general feeling of uneasiness and fear throughout entire neighborhoods.

Fears of property crimes are amplified in larger cities such as Houston, the fourth largest city in the US with a population of 2.3 million. Houston has recorded 42.33 property crimes per 1,000 residents, significantly higher than the national median of 19 property crimes per 1,000 residents. Statistics like these emphasize the need for a more advanced home security system and a reliable locksmith in Houston, such as, for protection against property crimes such as trespassing, burglary, and theft.

Innovative Technologies for Enhanced Home Security


The US home security system market is projected to rise at an annual growth rate of 10.58% and reach $9.15 billion by 2027. This growth rate is due to constant innovations in this field and the launching of new technologies meant to aid homeowners with securing their property. Here’s how high-tech home security options come to the aid of homeowners:

Smart Doorbells and Digital Peepholes

Video and audio doorbells help homeowners monitor the happenings at the house’s entrance. They let you see when packages are delivered and deter porch pirates from stealing them. The video feature means you can record and download any activity that might be suspicious, and infrared technology enables a clear picture even at night. You can answer the doorbell from anywhere and use the audio feature to communicate with people at the front door.

A digital peephole is a more affordable option that can be installed over your existing door peephole without being noticeable from the outside. The screen allows you to see the entrance area and monitor it using a smartphone or other devices.

Smart Locks: Keyless Access Control and Alerts

Smart locks make physical keys obsolete and give homeowners control over who has access to their homes and when. They have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which triggers the door to automatically open when you are near and are controlled via the hub or an application on your smartphone. Smart locks can have the added feature of sending alerts to your phone, the security monitoring company, or the police in case of suspicious activities.

Homeowners can use smart locks to unlock the door from a distance or give temporary access to visitors by setting individual codes. However, advanced systems utilize biometric recognition technology, such as fingerprint recognition. They can register the fingerprints of several users, allowing you to customize the system and grant access to different people, avoiding the necessity for numerous codes.

Home Security Cameras: Real-Time Surveillance and AI Features

Network security concept.

Cameras can help secure the inside and outside of your home. Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy to monitor any room of your house through all portable devices. Most home security cameras offer real-time supervision and have video storage options if you need to review the footage at a later date. High-tech cameras are equipped with AI motion detection and AI face recognition technology, enabling them to discern objects, suspicious and regular activities, and individuals.

Smart Sensors: Detection of Suspicious Activities and Emergencies

Outdoor sensors can alert homeowners of suspicious activities on the property. They can detect movement and sound and trigger the external lights and cameras. By placing sensors on all entry points, you can monitor if there is an attempt to open doors or windows. Sensors placed inside the home pick up any changes in temperature or moisture, alerting homeowners of possible fires, burst pipes, or simply an AC that was left running.

Home Security Hubs: Centralized Control and Automation

Home automation hubs allow homeowners to link and control all security devices from one centralized application. They allow complete control over the home security system, monitoring the outside and inside of your home and managing devices like the thermostat and lights. Besides locking out property crimes, a control panel enables you to regulate the temperature in the house, turn the lights on and off, and operate the yard irrigation system from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Implementing High-Tech Home Security Systems


The rate of residential burglaries on a national level has dramatically decreased in recent years, and this declining trend is in no small part thanks to the more frequent implementation of home security systems. Burglars are more likely to be deterred when they notice signs of home security, such as video doorbells, external security cameras, and motion-activated lights. Home security systems help homeowners feel confident knowing their homes are always protected from unwanted visitors and other emergencies.

Here are some other benefits of home security systems:

  • Saving Energy. State-of-the-art security systems are also an energy-efficient solution for your home. By integrating smart thermostats, you can program your HVAC system to follow your family’s schedule and optimize energy consumption. This can lead to about a $180 annual reduction in your electricity expenses.
  • Better Insurance Rates. A home security system can reduce home insurance costs, as most insurance companies provide better rates and lower premiums for homes with a security system.
  • Real-Time Alerts and Emergency Preparedness. Smart home security devices will notify your phone in real-time, so you are up-to-date with what is happening in and around the residence. They can send alerts to emergency services or the security company monitoring the system, helping to thwart breaking and entering attempts.
  • Complete Customization and Monitoring. Not only can homeowners choose the type and number of innovative security devices they want in their homes, but they can adjust the settings to suit the needs and preferences of all family members. Apart from monitoring other visitors, homeowners can follow children’s arrivals after school and their activities in the house. Watching elderly family members can ensure timely medication administration and prompt emergency response.

A Safer Future: Reinforcing Home Security

High-tech home security systems protect your home from intruders and other emergencies like fires or floods. The home security systems market constantly evolves and develops new technologies, making securing our homes and neighborhoods easier. They increase the value of our homes and give a sense of safety and comfort.

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