7 Simple Steps to Staging a Home in 2024

Before opening your house to potential home buyers, you need to ensure it looks appealing in the buyers’ eyes. Today, most buyers prefer to shop for homes online. Hence, to sell your house fast, your home’s web needs to feature high caliber staged listing videos and photos.

The high-quality images and videos help boost your home’s appeal making it stand out among other homes in the market. One of the most effective ways of preparing your home for sale is through home staging. The process involves decorating your house, enabling potential buyers to envision themselves living in your house.

1. Improve Your Home Lighting

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Home lighting is considered to be a low-cost solution that might considerably change your home’s appearance. However, before lighting up your home, you need to ensure that it is done strategically. If the need arises, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance. You can start by adding floor lamps to your house. Generally, floor lamps illuminate your ceiling or dark corners within your home.

Even though it is always advisable to add as much light in your room, ensure you don’t put many lamps. Consider having a maximum of three per room. The right number of floor and table lamps will help accentuate surfaces and makes the entire house look spacious. Moreover, it would be best to open all your window blinds to allow more light into your house. More light will make your home bigger and brighter.

2. Deep Clean Your House

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When putting your home on the market, you must ensure that every corner of your house shines. You need to conduct deep cleaning from top to bottom and inside and out of your house. This involves cleaning from the baseboards to the ceiling and every place between the ceiling and baseboard. A clean and shining home will indicate to the potential buyers that the current owners have been taking good care of the house.

Most buyers always prefer first to check the kitchen’s condition, including the state of all the kitchen appliances. Hence, when cleaning the kitchen, ensure that you clean all the kitchen appliances such as oven, dishwasher, microwave, stovetop, sink, and countertops. Deep clean both the inside and outside of the kitchen cabinets.

When done and satisfied, move onto the bathrooms. You can start cleaning the bathroom by first disinfecting the bathroom surface and scrubbing using soap and sponge. Clean and sanitize the light switches, door handles, faucets, and toilet paper holder. However, for the toilet seat, you might consider replacing it.

If you have been ignoring some areas, such as window blinds, inside your refrigerator, gutters, and roof, now is the time to clean them. Besides, ensure that you thoroughly clean your shelves and overhead lighting fixtures since they are prone to dust.
Finally, finish your cleaning with the floors. For tile and wood floors, ensure you clean the edges and corners using a vacuum, and finish up by sweeping all the debris. In case you have carpet, use a pressure washing machine. Pressure washing help remove allergens from your carpet, making it cleaner and safer.

3. Repaint the House

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According to Hynon Painters, it’s important that you don’t forget that you aren’t painting and decorating your own property. Avoid colours and styles that you like. Instead go for neutral colours that will appeal to all buyers.

If you want to save money you can read one of the countless tutorials on the web to give you thee basics of how to paint. However you should give yourself ample time, because if you aren’t careful you will make your house look a lot worse, and this will turn off buyers.

If you don’t think you will be able to do a great job, find a professional who will do it for you instead. Do lots of research and ask your friends. A professional painter will ensure your property looks as good as it should.

This house staging process is quite cost-intensive. However, it makes significant differences when considering the sale price of your property. When painting your house, go for neutral paints, draperies, décor, among other home finishing elements. Even though many homeowners always prefer bright colors, it might be a major turn-off for some buyers.

Therefore, ensure you paint the house with neutral paints such as taupe, grey, and white colors. Having neutral paints and decorations might give the buyers the option of having their bright colors for their house once they complete the purchase process. Consider using postcards for real estate when your home is not yet ready for a tour.

4. De-Personalize Your Home Space

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Home staging helps potential buyers envision the house space as their own. Therefore, you need to change some aspects, including the furniture arrangement that would suggest that the house belongs to the buyer and not the seller. Consider rearranging furniture to make homes look more spacious. You might move the furniture away from the wall to create more space in the living room and bedroom.

Rearranging your furniture will help create a walkable area and also allows buyers to have a better vision of each room in your house. Besides, remove all the personal photos and artwork hanging on the wall or top of your tables. Keep your clothes out of sight and clear all the individual items such as toothbrushes from your bathroom. Additionally, remove all the personal items stored in your garage. You might opt to stack them at the corner of your garage or store, as long as they are out of sight.

5. Add Freshness to Your House

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Strategically placing a few healthy flowers and plants around your home adds life to your home. However, you need to ensure that the flowers are placed in different places around your house to avoiding cluttering. You can place large vases full of fresh and bright flowers on top of your kitchen table, at the corners of your living room, or along the driveway. Besides, you might add freshness to your house by getting rid of odors. Trash bins mainly bring about odors. Therefore, ensure you clear your trash bins before opening doors to your prospective clients.

6. Create Inviting Outdoor Spaces

Enhancing your property’s appeal in 2024 goes beyond its interior design. Focus on cultivating attractive outdoor spaces, as these can be just as significant to potential buyers. Begin by decluttering and cleaning your outdoor area, then accent it with a well-arranged set of furniture. For that extra touch, consider adding potted plants, cushions in bright colors, or even an outdoor rug to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

If space permits, accessories like string lights, fire pits, patio blinds, or small water features can offer a relaxing ambiance. Demonstrating the area’s versatility for outdoor dining or lounging helps buyers envision themselves savoring this space. Some of these accessories you can find at blindsonline.com.au/ if you’re curious enough to take a look.

7. Use Professional Photography and Virtual Staging

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In today’s digital age, showcasing your property’s charm extends to virtual spaces. Professional photographs can capture the beauty of your home, creating a compelling first impression. Further enhance this through virtual staging, a process of digitally furnishing empty spaces to help potential buyers visualize the property’s potential.

However, maintain transparency, letting buyers know about the digital improvements to ensure a clear understanding of the property. By marrying professional photography with virtual staging, you can highlight your home’s best features, reaching a broader range of buyers and generating greater interest.

Final Thoughts

All these simple tips will ensure that your home is photo and tour ready. To reach a larger pool of potential home buyers, consider using postcards for real estate from Wise Pelican and sending them to clients. Home staging shouldn’t cost a lot of money. All you need to do is follow the above simple tips that will help make changes to your home and help entice your clients. However, in case of any doubts, consider addressing it with your realtor. Once you are done with your staging process, relax, and wait for the right clients to stop by.

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